for a lifetime.
One is past Pippen, and the other is past Jordan.
As a talented monster in his 30s who can be separated from others under the cure of the sun doctor in the future, Hill, who is tall and long in arms, is the absolute leader of the Pistons during this period.
In Su Feng’s memory, in the 96/97 season, Hill will lead the Pistons to 54 wins.
It’s also worth mentioning that, because Hill’s style of play is quite fan-favoring, this product was still last season’s All-Star ticket champion.
Ah, the
person pressure Jordan, the background is strong, he was congratulated by the K-like eagle sauce as soon as he entered the league, and even led the college team to defeat the dream team in the legend.
Grant Hill, this is a man who can’t even stop him from breaking through the buckle even with HC rules.
Perhaps the only thing that can stop him is his knees.
In this game, Hill scored 22 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists.
However, what impressed Su Feng the most was not Hill’s speed
but the second quarter. Su Feng, who had reached the inside line, was pulled down by the Pistons’ internal clues. Hill on the side 南京龙凤论坛 hugged Su Feng in time. , To avoid Su Feng’s body falling sideways.
“Isn’t it hurt?”
As one of the few good people in this cruel alliance, Hill’s smile at the time made Su Feng’s memory still fresh.
Su Feng swears to the sky that he never became a fan of Hill because of his lust for iron.
Because this Su Feng is also very accurate!
He made 4 of 11 shots, including 2 of 5 three-pointers and 3 of 4 free throws. He scored 13 points, 5 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 assist.
“Tsk, 1.05 million strike iron value”
would be even better if you could win.
After the team suffered a two-game losing streak, Su Feng and Iverson’s desire to win was unprecedentedly strong.
And this desire to win successfully helped them end their two-game losing streak in Boston on the 8th.
Celtics coach Miller Carr can be described as overjoyed.
Yes, yes, the 76ers 南京品茶网 played well and bea


ted the murder after the wing breakthrough. When he passed the football to the center, Wu Lei followed up. The ball is high”
“Chongming had a good chance to counterattack again in the eighty-eighth minute. Yan Min took the pass from Wu Lei and dribbled the ball forward at high speed. However, 南京龙凤网 when he approached the Dortmund penalty area, he was shoveled to the ground by Dortmund central defender 南京夜生活论坛 Hornshu. This foul brought a yellow card for Hornshu and also caused Yan Min’s strong dissatisfaction. In the end, Dortmund defeated the Shanghai Chongming team 5:0, reaping their second victory during their visit to China.
” Neither Zhouyi nor Royce received the most attention in this game. Instead, the one who received the most attention was a young player who was not well known before the game. Yan Min, born in 1994, was repeatedly threatened after he came on the bench. Arriving at Dortmund’s goal has created many opportunities for Chongming. If it were not for his bad luck, Chongming should have scored at least three goals.”
“In a commercial game last night, Yan Min, a young player from our city, was in the game. His outstanding performance has robbed the limelight of world stars such as Zhouyi and Royce! His performance in the game is remarkable. His speed and delicate foot technique are his killer features. It is precisely by relying on these two weapons that he is on the bench. After the debut, Dortmund’s defense was upset.”
“After the game, Zhou Yi took the initiative to find Yan Min, and after a few exchanges with him, he took off his jersey, and the two exchanged jerseys. Zhou Yi took the initiative to find someone to exchange jerseys. This is the first time in China. I think this is also Zhou Yi’s encouragement to Yan Min who performed well.”
Unlike the previous game, the Chinese media also reported the game on a large scale after the game, but the protagonists of the report were all Dortmund and Zhouyi. But this time, the protagonist of the report has become Yan Min.
Yan M


a player with high finishing talent like Kobe adds the option of passing, then it is theoretically impossible for you to limit him.
In Su Feng’s previous life, Kobe didn’t know how to pass.
After all, he has given out 6000+ assists in his career, and even just looking at his passing highlights, you will think that he is simply Irvine Johnson II.
But being able to pass the ball, and actively passing the ball to organize an offense, are also two completely different concepts.
In the ok era, before the break, Kobe is the second master of the ideal form even more perfect than Pippen.
Can hit a higher crit than Pi Erye, can single-defend the opposite outside star, and even send a wonderful pass at a critical moment.
Any good vocabulary about the second master, you can pile up on Kobe at that time 南京桑拿论坛 as much as possible.
One thing to say is that at Kobe’s current growth rate, and after Duncan was traded away by the Celtics, Su Feng feels
bad. The Lakers will be able to break through from the West next season.
In the third quarter of the game, after the 76ers significantly reduced O’Neal’s sense of existence through a frenzied three-person double team, Kobe organized and dispatched many times to command his teammates to complete the score.
Although I want to compete with Su Feng in my heart, Kobe, who prefers to win, wants to win Su Feng once.
And the more I value and care about Su Feng in my heart, Kobe probably didn’t realize that
he is Kobe
now. He is now the best template for the male protagonist in the starting point basketball essay, OK?
On the Lakers VIP stand, Little Buss hugged his good friend’s logo man and smiled, “Man, you are amazing, I love Kobe to
death .” In order to avoid being said that gay is gay, West He broke free of the arms of Little Buss and said to him, “I plan to make a few trades in the middle of the season.”
“Really? Man, tell me, who is your prey this time?” Little Buss was curious. Asked.
“Glen Rice.”
West did not 南京夜生活论坛 hide behind Bass. In fact, this


gree angle on the right.
In the first half of the first quarter, the Spurs scored two three-pointers, and the Spurs led the game 12-8.
In the commentary, Cole and Kenny Smith were discussing the Mavericks’ defensive strategy, and the two people had differences in thinking.
Kenny Smith felt that the Mavericks’ defensive approach was a bit too extreme.
Kerr said that with 48 minutes in the game, the Mavericks will slowly find opportunities.
Facts have proved that Cole is indeed a rare commentator.
His analysis of the situation was quickly fulfilled in the following games.
With the increase in the number of outside shots the Spurs have taken, their field goal percentage has declined visible to the naked eye.
There 南京419论坛 is an instability of his own outside shooting level and a decline in physical fitness, but it did happen.
And when this happened, Dallas fans saw a strange phenomenon.
The outside line of the Spurs is breaking through!
Even rookie Parker also staged a ball that can be played in the top five in the future.
He missed the open three-pointer, shook the air and rushed in to give LaFrenz a block.
Sun Hao was inexplicably familiar with this scene.
In history, in the 2019 Men’s Basketball Asian Championship, when the Chinese team played in Nigeria, there was such a scene.
At that time, the Chinese team rushed in with the ball on the outside line, and rushed in for the empty seats. The fans were so anxious that they would buckle and break the keyboard on the live broadcast.
However, there is only one reason why they don’t vote.
Three-pointers can easily turn into long rebounds.
In other 南京水磨会所 words, it is easy for the opponent to play a defensive counterattack.
The Mavericks are experts in this area. After being fought back a few times, the Spurs didn’t dare to shoot from the outside.
Then, just like the performance of the Chinese team in the Asian Championships, the space on the court is getting smaller and smaller.
Popovich was so angry that he blew his beard and st


at the Thunder by 9 points, turning the series’ total score into 3 to 0, and officially got the match point!
Today, Durant’s performance can no longer fault. He shot 524%, grabbed 11 rebounds, and sent 1 block and 2 南京龙凤论坛 steals.
Du Xiaoshuai has really tried his best.
But Wayne easily did what Durant did his best.
That’s right, it’s easy.
Durant spent a full 44 minutes in this game, and only one minute of rest in an average game.
And Wayne? He can do better than Durant in just 38 minutes.
Facts have proved that your brother Wei is still your brother Wei.
In this game, all Thunder fans know that there is no need to struggle.
No matter how well you play Durant, Wayne can play better than Durant.
At this stage, Durant, no matter how much he turned, he still couldn’t reach Wayne’s Five Finger Mountain.
Two days later, the heartless Thunder lost their last game of the season at home.
Durant did not continue to explode. He scored 23 points on 8 of 20 shots. Wayne scored 26 points with only 15 shots.
In the unwilling gaze of the Russian fans, the young Thunder was swept 4-0 by the Blazers in the first round of the playoffs.
The scoring leader was difficult to win in the playoffs, and Durant lost again in front of Wayne.
He lost the scoring competition last season. He lost at the World Championships last summer.
In this year’s playoffs, he lost again.
Wayne has 南京龙凤网 become the label of his career and also a shadow.
At the end of the series, Durant and Wayne’s hostile value is only the last trace of distance from the first tick mark.
Adu, why can’t you hate me any more?
Is it that Brother Wei, where did I fail to do it?
I have beaten you up like this. Are you still funny with a layer of paper?
Durant didn’t want to hate now, he just felt sad.
Inadvertently, he sang: “I should be in the car, not in the car.” After
playing the series, Wayne shook his head as he watched Durant and Turtle go away.
In the original history, the team that reached the Western Conference Finals i


eing stuck tightly by Su Feng, Lei Allen always felt that whether it was Su Feng or Kobe, anyway, when the Raul Meilien Gemini met him, it seemed as if he had an enmity with him.
On the field, Randolph and Duncan did screens for Ray Allen and failed to stop Su Feng.
On the contrary, when Su Feng was around the block, Lei Allen, who tried to pull Su Feng away from him, was “retaliation” from Su’s guidance.
In the first quarter of the game, Lei Allen, who had battled with Su Feng for the 南京水磨会所 entire quarter, only managed three shots.
As a result, due to the previous consumption of a lot of physical energy during the confrontation with Su Feng, Lei Allen could not grasp these three opportunities.
At the end of the first quarter, relying on Duncan and Randolph’s back and forth, the Celtics slightly 南京炮网 prevailed.
The first quarter of the two teams scored 25 to 28.
In the second quarter of the game, the Heat replaced their second lineup, led by Su Feng.
The Celtics,
after thinking about it for a whole ten seconds, looked at the only trustworthy Ray Allen among the outside players on the bench in the Green Army, Miller Carr said affectionately to him: “Ray, we need you!”
Ray Allen: ”
As a player who just wants to have a good game tonight, when he saw Carl’s affectionate look at him, the one thing Ray Allen wanted to say at the time was:
No, You do not need!
for the trust of the coach, no matter how much Lei Allen didn’t want to match up with Su Feng, he still gritted his teeth and nodded.
On the court, taking advantage of Duncan’s time to rest, Su Feng successfully led the Heat to a 7-0 spurt.
On the TNT TV station, looking 南京桑拿会所 at Su Feng, who is both father and mother on the court, Barkley said with emotion: “Anyone with a little common sense knows that no matter how strong a player, his physical fitness is limited.
But tonight
Su seems to be As if he would never get tired, he carried the banner for the Heat on both ends of the offense and defense.”
It’s a pity that,


mpions League MVP.
Fortunately, Sun Hao was so powerful that he caught the ball in a daze.
After he landed again, he took the ball and made a tip-up again. At any rate, he didn’t let the fast break go in vain.
Laughter came from the sidelines again, this time Sun Hao smiled and ran back.
He looked away.
He thinks dunking is actually not that good, right?
Let Yi Jianlian deduct them!
Yes, exactly.
He didn’t want to be Madrid Lavin.
At the end of the three quarters, Alcant has 南京夜生活论坛 fallen behind by 17 points.
There is not much suspense about the outcome.
The Real Madrid team on the spot has already begun to celebrate the victory in advance.
They not only got revenge, but also abused their opponents tonight.
In the last quarter of the game, the Alcánté team recovered some points with great momentum, but because they were too far behind, they finally failed to turn the game over.
The score on the field was finally fixed at 71 to 58. Real Madrid defeated their opponents by 13 advantages and completed their revenge last season, which is close to the La Liga final!
Now, they have the opportunity to complete the Champions League and La Liga Grand Slam!
Although Sun Hao contributed two dunks recorded in his personal history, he scored 17 points in only three quarters and is still the best player tonight.
And his defense against Scola in the second half tonight is also impressive.
In the locker room after the game, the players of Real Madrid were celebrating wildly.
Sun Hao sat in a quiet corner.
Others thought he was sulking because of those two dunks. In fact, he is now trying to dunk wildly in the system.
He tried more 南京龙凤网 than ten times, and he got in six or seven times.
It’s just reluctant, the standard reluctance.
He is now completely giving up.
It seems that bounce is still a lot more practice, and he can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry. His current ability and height can only barely dunk, so he is a bit too anxious to dunk in actual combat.
After dunking, he pulled o


devil! ”
Yes, the devil!”
“Luciano, do you know? Even though I have seen high genius performances during training, he still scared me this time.” Assistant coach Casio said to cloth. Rooney said with emotion.
“I was also scared, Alfredo.” Bruni smiled and shook his head. “To be honest, when I put him on the field, I didn’t know what would happen next. I lacked a clear idea. All of this was caused by someone Gao, and it has nothing to do with me.”
Cassillo sighed . : “Perhaps this is the ability of genius. They can always do things that we can’t even think of.”
Chapter 43 is a pity.
After Gao Zheng scored, there are still ten minutes before the end of the game. It seems Gao Zheng that The ball is the biggest climax of this game.
Everyone felt that the next 南京品茶网game had lost its meaning.
Can Genoa, one less person, be able to set off another storm? Looking at the Genoa players on the field, they all seemed to be frightened by Gao Zheng’s feat of single-handedly singled out the entire line of defense and lost their fighting spirit.
But Gao Zheng did not let the game go on as everyone wanted.南京桑拿论坛
At the 86th minute of the game, he received a pass from his teammate on the penalty zone line, and he shot the ball without stopping, and the football drew an arc.
This time the arc was very big, completely bypassing Palin’s extended arm, and then got into the goal!
hat trick!
No one thought that Gao Zheng had already entered Longtan alone and shocked the audience. Gao Zheng even confiscated his hands and wanted to complete a hat trick.
After the goal, Gao Zheng made a cry of celebration towards the Genoa players. San Pietro and the others ran up and followed Gao Zheng, clenched their hands into fists, and placed them in circles under their eyes.
Of course, this was a response to the words that Jelenici and they said to Gao Zheng, “Don’t cry at that time, you
‘re stupid!” Then Gao Zheng would cry to them.
Gao Zheng’s third 南京龙凤论坛 goal was the complete end of the game.
Sampdoria, who leads Genoa


ch sense. It needs 4:2.
There is not much time left for them.
Zhou Yi also knows that Real Madrid is very anxious, so at this time, it is necessary to do the opposite. The more opponents want to do, the less they can do it. Do what makes your opponent uncomfortable, 南京419论坛 then do.
So as long as he gets the ball, he will slowly deal with the football, or adopt the method of passing the ball back, using the pass to fully mobilize the Real Madrid players and let them run.
On the one hand, it consumes their physical energy. On the other hand, they hope to create some open spaces and opportunities in such a transfer. The third aspect is to make Real Madrid players feel anxious and lose their composure. The more impatient they are, the better for Dortmund.
Under such circumstances, boos against Zhouyi and Dortmund sounded over the Bernabéu Stadium. Real Madrid fans believed that Dortmund was deliberately delaying time, especially for Zhouyi. They believed that the culprit for Dortmund’s play was Zhouyi, and it was natural for Zhouyi to be the culprit. Half a good impression
Zhou Yi doesn’t care what the 南京桑拿论坛 visiting team fans think of him, he concentrates on playing his own ball.
He kept running from one point to another on the court, receiving the ball from the opponents, and then passing the ball out. This is actually very physically demanding, but Zhouyi shows no signs of being unable to run.
The game time passed by one minute and one second, the score was still not rewritten, it was still 2:2, and the two teams were tied.
“There is not much time left for Real Madrid!” He Ping was pleased to use a stalk that is almost a household name among Chinese fans.
The Chinese fans in front of the TV all laughed. Of course, the Real Madrid fans in China might not laugh.
In the 83rd minute, ten minutes before the end of the game, Zhou Yi received a ball from Sven Bender. He turned around while receiving the ball, and while turning around, he 南京品茶网 used the outside of the instep to dial out the football, and s


ly two cucumber eggs, Liu Wei and Zhu Fangyu.
It’s really hard for Liu Wei to play Byron Davis. Liu Wei’s physical talent is better than Guo Shiqiang, but his experience in handling the ball and golf trader is far worse now. Byron Davis was defeated by Guo Shiqiang, a classic car in the first quarter. Everything is going to fall apart.
But in the second quarter, Liu Wei temporarily found confidence here.
Liu Wei is still a little tender.
Counting this way, the only one who can save the Chinese team is the 19-year-old Zhu Fangyu.
In fact, the Chinese team is indeed 南京桑拿会所 creating opportunities for Zhu Fangyu.
However, after Gong Xiaobin’s two wonderful support, the US team also strengthened its control of Zhu Fangyu, which made him almost no chance to get to the basket.
Do not move, single these players of the US team, really, very hanging!
“Little pig, don’t stop running, there will be a chance!”
Don’t stop running, there will be a chance!
This is what Eddie Jordan said to Chen Xiao. At this time, Chen Xiao gave it to Zhu Fangyu intact.
Listening to Chen Xiao’s cry from the sidelines, Zhu Fangyu gritted his teeth and continued to run on the court.
Even if there is no chance, it can bring the defense into chaos and create opportunities for Yao and his teammates!
Zhu Fangyu thought so, but lacking Battelle, Chen Xiao and Hu Weidong’s three main offensive forces, the Chinese team’s offense is really 南京水磨会所 not working.
In the end, Yao Ming, who was blocked again by Ben Wallace, could only hit the ball to Zhu Fangyu, who had already been posted by Pierce.
Facing Pierce, Zhu Fangyu gritted his teeth and leaned on Pierce’s body!
He is going to commit a foul!
Pierce is aware of it, but the body’s reaction has slowed down.
He really didn’t expect that a 19-year-old young man would actually dare to sneak attack on him, the’Grandmaster Penalty Lin’!
What I didn’t even expect was that Zhu Fangyu made a foul and threw the shot at random, brushing it, hollowing into the net! [Note 1]