at this could 南京夜生活spa论坛 be regarded as a script to keep players alive. His estimate of the difficulty of the script is a bit too high. He thought that the general huā would catch up with the dog after more than half an hour. Now it seems that Zarov first released the large group of hounds that he had shown in the castle before. , I was hunting slowly.

Perhaps it was due to the premature death of a knife and the rainy disconnection, or the difficulty of the script was originally changed according to how much players can do in the hour before the boss departure. Anyway, this setting is indeed more in line with the system’s consistent style of dripping water.

Since the players can be divided into several ways, the monsters can of course also be divided into several ways, so that there will not be a team of players who can pass the level 南京桑拿会所网 without difficulty, and the other team will quickly fall into a desperate state. Each team of players will definitely encounter this type of challenge, and accordingly, the boss will appear later. ! ! !

Chapter 091 Hunter Island (7)

“A dog chased me for a long time!” Realizing this, Feng Bujue was very upset, and his skills were already activated. If he stops now and fights in a normal state, it will be more than half a minute. Even if Zhong’s survival value was burned in vain.

He hurriedly stepped out, trying to use the shortest time, the fastest and most brutal attack to bombard the hound to scum.

I saw Feng Bujue sliding horizontally, holding the flashlight in his left hand and shooting forward, while holding the pipe clamp in his right hand, he was ready to take the black hand at any time.

However, when the monster entered Feng Bujue’s sight and was illuminated by the lights, he was immediately shocked, and he couldn’t help but feel fortunate that he had activated the Spiritual Consciousness Gathering Technique in advance There was

a rush of footsteps. After the mist formed by the humid air, a huge, terrifying black shadow came through the fog barrier.

Its C