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ly two cucumber eggs, Liu Wei and Zhu Fangyu.
It’s really hard for Liu Wei to play Byron Davis. Liu Wei’s physical talent is better than Guo Shiqiang, but his experience in handling the ball and golf trader is far worse now. Byron Davis was defeated by Guo Shiqiang, a classic car in the first quarter. Everything is going to fall apart.
But in the second quarter, Liu Wei temporarily found confidence here.
Liu Wei is still a little tender.
Counting this way, the only one who can save the Chinese team is the 19-year-old Zhu Fangyu.
In fact, the Chinese team is indeed 南京桑拿会所 creating opportunities for Zhu Fangyu.
However, after Gong Xiaobin’s two wonderful support, the US team also strengthened its control of Zhu Fangyu, which made him almost no chance to get to the basket.
Do not move, single these players of the US team, really, very hanging!
“Little pig, don’t stop running, there will be a chance!”
Don’t stop running, there will be a chance!
This is what Eddie Jordan said to Chen Xiao. At this time, Chen Xiao gave it to Zhu Fangyu intact.
Listening to Chen Xiao’s cry from the sidelines, Zhu Fangyu gritted his teeth and continued to run on the court.
Even if there is no chance, it can bring the defense into chaos and create opportunities for Yao and his teammates!
Zhu Fangyu thought so, but lacking Battelle, Chen Xiao and Hu Weidong’s three main offensive forces, the Chinese team’s offense is really 南京水磨会所 not working.
In the end, Yao Ming, who was blocked again by Ben Wallace, could only hit the ball to Zhu Fangyu, who had already been posted by Pierce.
Facing Pierce, Zhu Fangyu gritted his teeth and leaned on Pierce’s body!
He is going to commit a foul!
Pierce is aware of it, but the body’s reaction has slowed down.
He really didn’t expect that a 19-year-old young man would actually dare to sneak attack on him, the’Grandmaster Penalty Lin’!
What I didn’t even expect was that Zhu Fangyu made a foul and threw the shot at random, brushing it, hollowing into the net! [Note 1]


st Astana, it is not Griezmann who will partner with him, but Fernando Torres. At the same time, this was also the 280th game that Torres played at Atletico Madrid. In the past 279 games, he scored 99 goals for Atletico Madrid, which is only short of the 100 goals mark. One ball.
Before this game, the Madrid media and fans were discussing when Torres’ 100th Atletico 南京炮网Madrid goal will arrive.
As the former Atletico Madrid golden boy, he returned to Atletico Madrid after many years of wandering away from home. Naturally, everyone hopes that he can use this hundred goals to commemorate his years at Atletico Madrid.
Although the teammates did not speak, Gao Zheng and the other teammates have a tacit understanding to help Torres score the 100th goal in tomorrow’s game.
Gao Zheng thought for a while, but it’s not a problem.
Torres’ 100th goal does not conflict with his goal. Whoever stipulates that only one goal can be scored in a game?
Chapter 267 The name
goes down in history In the visiting team locker room of the Astana Arena, every Atletico Madrid player will quietly cast his sights on Fernando Torres.
They know what this game means for Torres.
Two hundred and seventy games, ninety-nine goals, one goal short, one game short.
When Gao Zheng walked into the locker room, he saw Torres changing his clothes. He took off the jacket he was wearing when he went out to warm up, and replaced the sweat-drenched training suit, revealing his naked upper body.
When Gao Zheng saw his bare body, he couldn’t help asking: “南京夜生活论坛 Hey, Fernando, haven’t you prepared a 100-ball commemorative shirt?”
Torres looked back and saw Gao Zheng, then smiled and shook his head: “No. Just in case prepare. But it’s not embarrassing to score a goal? And I don’t think there is any need to prepare for this
game .” When he said “this game”, he paused obviously and looked worried.
Obviously he felt that this game was too difficult, and it was not the right place to consider his 100 goals at all.
It’s hard to say w


fun together?”
Kobe, who felt a little empty and lonely lately, called McGrady while hugging Vanessa. .
On the side, after hearing the content of the conversation between Kobe and McGrady, Vanessa was speechless.
Because you said, how did you look at Kobe in the first 南京龙凤网 place?
, you have a girlfriend who doesn’t play. You have to go and play with your good brother?
The process and results of Kobe and McGrady PK are not listed here.
On the 22nd, in Sydney, the Chinese men’s basketball team ushered in their opponents in the quarterfinals, the Russian men’s basketball team.
Because as long as the Chinese men’s basketball team wins this game, the Chinese men’s basketball team will break into the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games without precedent.
Therefore, before the start of the game, the various kaka corners of the rabbit’s house (note ①) are like the first time the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship. That way, it’s so lively.
And CCTV, Yu Jia, who was responsible for explaining the game, didn’t even sleep much before the game.
In the first half of this year, Yu Jia, who 南京419论坛 came to the fore through the National NBA Commentator Competition jointly organized by Coca-Cola and CCTV, at this moment, in his heart, I am most grateful for the phrase “I rely on” from Mr. Han.
Of course, together with him, I want to thank Mr. Han very much, as well as Guidance Zhang, the guest speaker tonight. 南京水磨会所
“This is really a moment to rewrite history!
Because as long as the boys of the men’s basketball team can do their best tonight, we will be in the top four of the Olympic Games for the first time tonight! “Before the game, Zhang Weiping, a former national player of the men’s basketball team, looked at the men’s basketball team led by Su Feng to play, his mood was more than full of emotion?
For the flower growers who are not as developed as the future at this time. In other words, for the Olympics, most Chinese people have emotions different from those of other cou


rusted by the Real Madrid coach. Real Madrid bought him because he was young and has potential, but now it is difficult to play in Real Madrid.
Mourinho did not trust the Argentine central defender very much, so he did not let Garley play in place of the injured Pepe, but let Abeloa warm up.
Abeloa, who moved from Liverpool to Real Madrid, was born in the youth academy of Real Madrid. Later, he was briefly selected for the Real Madrid first team, but he did not have his place in Real Madrid, so he went to Liverpool. . After Liverpool performed well, in the summer of 2009, he moved to Real Madrid with Alonso from Liverpool.
He is a versatile defender who can play right back and left back.
Now with Pepe’s injury, Mourinho decided to play Ramos at the center back and Abeloa to play the right back.
On the side of Real Madrid, they lost a goal and the main central defender was injured. A cloud of 南京419论坛 clouds hung over their hearts.
If Pepe’s injury is more serious, it will not only affect this game, but also the next league and the quarter-finals of the second leg.
Just ten minutes ago, when Manchester City’s center Ibrahimovic was sent off, Real Madrid, who led by one goal, seemed to be able to see that the door to the semi-finals was slowly opening, and the situation was very good. .
But now, in a blink of an eye, their great situation has disappeared
. It is very common for the situation to change on the pitch, but such a big ups and downs, it is still difficult for Real Madrid fans to accept.
Seeing Pepe being carried directly onto the ambulance on a stretcher, and the celebration of the Manchester City players, many of the Real Madrid fans in the stands couldn’t help being silent.
They didn’t even have the strength to boo.南京炮网
The Manchester City fans cheered. Whether they were at the Bernabeu or staying in Manchester, everyone cheered after the glory goal. Later, after discovering that Pepe was injured, their cheers were even louder-Pei Pei is a very threatening player in Real Madrid’s


matter how hard and tired he has to go.
“By the way, Scotty, I won tonight.” Of course, tired and tired, betting the winning money, in Jordan’s view, it is a point that can not be less.
said Pippen Wu FU.CK, who was also rubbing his ankle.
On the other side, Su Feng, who had been beaten by Fenjia for the entire field, was also lying on the chair after returning to the locker room.
Despite this’failure to slaughter the bull’, Su Feng also saw the possibility of winning the Bulls in the 南京桑拿论坛 regular season and completing the first stage of the [Challenge Michael Jordan] mission.
In this game, Su Feng made 6 of 16 shots, 4 of 8 three-pointers, no free throws, and scored 16 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, and 1 block.
Su Feng, who scored 10 irons, got an A grade after the game, which is the highest score he can get if he loses.
When Su Feng wanted to come, it must be a reasonable system that was conquered by his own performance.
Unfortunately, the A-level score is only a coefficient of 7.5. After the game, after touching a fraction of 5000, Su Feng got a total of 4.12 million strikes.
Iverson scored 34 points and scored 30+ in two consecutive games, but because of the loss, AI’s mood was not high.
It’s just the “Golden Double Guns” fashion that I don’t know how high NBC TV gave them after the game.
In order to alleviate 南京龙凤网 the unpleasantness of losing, after the game, Su Feng and Iverson did not leave the locker room.
Because you said you were a coincidence?
The second game broadcast on NBC TV today was the Timberwolves vs. the Lakers.
If Su Feng remembers correctly, this game Kobe will usher in his career debut.
As Kobe’s best friend, 南京炮网 how could Su Feng miss the opportunity to witness Kobe’s career debut?
And while Iverson and Su Feng were watching the locker room TV,
Los Angeles, Staples.
Kobe, who just watched the Bulls’ bloody battle against the 76ers in the locker room, feels that he has completely burned.
“Coach, will you arrange for me to play today?”