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will be able to do so in the future.” The death knell smiled at Jaina and put his hands on his back, slowly. While walking, enjoy the scenery in the garden.

It is located at the most northwest corner of Dalaran city. It is indeed a bit remote, but not far from this garden is the bank, and you will be in the business district soon.


Jaina shrank her neck and laughed awkwardly. She didn’t think she could.

Although when they were in their hometown, the sea tide sages said that they were magical geniuses that were rare in a century, they really thought so, their noses turned up.

But after arriving in Dalaran, she realized that magic geniuses are the least valuable thing, because this city is full of geniuses, she can only work hard and barely keep up with the 南京桑拿楼凤网 lessons.

As if he had noticed the girl’s mind, the Supreme Mage smiled softly: “Don’t feel guilty, Jaina, I can see endless potential in you. As long as you follow the right teacher and work hard, you will be a future Strong mage, am I right? Khadgar?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The

bearded man nodded silently to the mage at the back of the team like a street boy.

No matter what the problem is, the death knell is right.


Jaina was a little happy, although the talent has not yet been realized, but the potential is not bad.

Khadgar is very strong, and Hermione who uses strange magic is also very strong. Based on this reasoning, their teacher’s death knell is naturally stronger, otherwise how could he be called the Supreme Mage.

We must know that Khadgar’s previous teacher was Medivh, the Astral Master. After Medivh’s death, he did not choose a master from the Tirisfal Secret Society as a teacher. Instead, he went to the death knell gate. Doesn’t it mean that the death knell 南京龙凤网 is better than that? Is the guardian once stronger?

I heard that the guardian can live for hundreds of years and still 南京桑拿夜网 maintain a young appearance. This is the power of magic, and the death knell should be like this, right? Thinking about it ca


ngli said to the mermaid maid.

The mermaid maid was leading the way. After hearing Yingli’s praise, she looked very happy. She covered her face with her hands a little bit shyly and said: “Ah! Really? There are not many Ghana people who speak the Imperial language in the palace. I don’t know whether these pronunciations are accurate or not.”

In fact, I have never noticed that her imperial language is not standard. My eyes always fall on her slender waist unconsciously.

The first feeling of entering the cave was very cold, and I subconsciously reached out and tightened the collar of the magic robe.

I found that the walls of the cave were actually covered with ice rocks. I stretched out my hand and rubbed the ice rocks, wanting not to knock them down and put 南京桑拿夜网 them in my magic pocket without being noticed.

When I participated in the Salon of Water Magicians in the Imperial Capital, I was fortunate to see ice rock. This is a kind of ore with very rare ice properties in the world. This kind of rock itself can emit cold air because it is deeply buried in the ground and is The Green Empire is extremely rare in number and is a very rare rock.

Only the ice magician knows its existence, and its only function is to make water freeze.

If this kind of ice rock is used improperly, the cold air in the ice rock will easily volatilize, and then this kind of ice rock will become the most common limestone. Only some ice magicians can get more for meditation. Ice magic elements are used to make some magic tools from ice rock.

But this thing is of no use to me, I have been 南京龙凤网 promoted very quickly, and I have not considered these magical artifacts to assist meditation for the time being.

Had it not been for the Shawn Scholar to remind me to pay more attention to this kind of ice rock, I even regarded the fist-sized ice rock in the hand of the ice magician as an ordinary rock.

After entering this cave, a thin layer of hoarfrost condensed on the stone wall near the 南京桑拿楼凤网 entrance.

At first glance, I thought t

南京 不限次数场子

out of the mountains. Their goal was to go straight to the Trum stronghold.

The Disraeli Knights are 南京龙凤网 the guards of the Earl of Horace, and their most important task is to protect the safety of the Earl of Horace.

So, everyone of me discussed it, leaving Karan Cuo and Tauren Luka with the orc warriors outside the stronghold to support, Qige and I directly led the heavy armored infantry soldiers in the valley and joined the Disraeli knights. Together, Qige and Katerina and I hid their identities in the team, put on the archer’s leather armor, and pretended to grow up as an archer to mix in the team.

As the spider people in the forest have been shrunk in the spider man camp by me recently, they dare not run out easily, so this group of nearly seven hundred heavy armored infantry soldiers of the Disraeli Knights took advantage of At night, with dozens of soft ladders successfully ascended to the head of the Trom stronghold, this is the largest batch of reinforcements accepted by the Trom stronghold in recent times.

With the support of the Disraeli Knights, the number of Earl Horace’s guards was expanded to 1,200 people. Earl Horace’s presence in the Trom stronghold was unparalleled for a while. At the cocktail party last night, Actually publicly promised: Oath to live and die with Trum!

I think: this 南京桑拿夜网 is a shit!

In the past few days, the spiderman warriors in the surrounding area have begun to gather at the spiderman camp in front of the Trum stronghold. It seems that these spidermen have lost their patience and want to swallow the Trum stronghold as soon as possible. Fall, they don’t want to give up this piece of fat on their lips, but the situation in the Black Forest is a bit confused now, and many spider people are beginning to feel uneasy.

In order to allow the Spiderman warriors to regain their confidence, the upper leaders of the Spiderman camp finally made up their minds and prepared to start the siege operation.

Thousands of spiderman warriors emerged from the spider forest, crus



“Is this your magical notebook?” Yerkes opened the magical notebook with interest, and then asked me.

“Yes.” I replied.

I didn’t talk much, because I was convinced that the more you talk, the 南京桑拿会所 more flaws you will leak.

The first few pages of this magical notebook contain the patterns of the magic patterns of the simplest general skills: condensing fire, frost, anti-magic, shadow cloak, fire tongue weapon, heating, vampire kiss magic pattern Law circle drawings.

The middle pages are: Resisting Fire Ring, Petrified Skin, Wind Sprinting, Mana Regeneration. These kinds of magic patterns all have a strong orc style, which I copied from the stone drum totem.

As for the last few pages of the magic notes, they are very messy, and they are all water magic on the human side: hydrotherapy, ice shield, ice wall, ice archery, etc., a series of human magic schools. Magic skills.

When Yerkes started flipping through the first two pages, he still seemed interested, his expression became a little serious when 江苏桑拿论坛 he saw the anti-magic behind.

When he saw the introduction of the magical skills of the Shadow Cloak, even his breathing became quick again. He tried his best to restrain his emotions, and then kept flipping backwards. After he saw the vampire kiss, he squinted again. He raised his eyes, compared with the magic pattern on the bat leather gloves, and carefully compared it, there was an unconcealable joy on his face.

Yerkes said to me in a hoarse voice: “Where did you learn such an exquisite shadow-type magic pattern construction drawing?”

I sighed, unavoidably feeling a little nervous in my heart. Said: ”

I learned it when I was traveling on the Pai Plateau.” Scholar Yakis looked up at me, said nothing, and took a sip of tea.

Then he lowered his head, carefully checked every magic pattern on the 南京龙凤网 pair of bat leather gloves, and compared the pattern with the magic note.

He has an almost obsessive enthusiasm for those magic lines.

“This is the inheritance of the orc tribe?” As if opening


understand what he said, so I halted for a long time before saying: “Yekis scholar, otherwise I will give you Draw it again?”

“Are you sure you can still make it?” Yerkes’ mouth turned into an O shape.

He thought it was just something I did accidentally, so he was so anxious to find out the cause immediately, worried that after too long a delay, some small details 南京龙凤网 would slowly be lost. So he wanted to strike while the iron was hot and find the key trick.

He said happily: “Okay, let’s draw another one!”

So we immediately made some preparations. The first thing to do was to prepare the expired moonlight ink. The remaining ink in the glass bottle had exploded again, even the bottle. The residue was not found. If I hadn’t avoided it in time, 南京龙凤论坛I’m afraid I would have lost the lottery at this time, but the Yerkes scholar seemed to have some kind of shield on his body, and he was safe in such an explosion.

As for how to find effective moonlight ink, it is easy to handle. Open a bottle of normal moonlight ink and place it in the air. After an hour, the Ning Shenhua juice in this bottle of ink has completely evaporated, and the ink is 南京桑拿楼凤网 on the verge of frequent failure. All we have to pay is some time. I and Yerkes scholars are willing to wait for this.

The incomplete magic parchment, according to the idea of ??the scholars of Yerkes, is to turn out a complete parchment in the cabinet, and then directly cut out a piece of parchment according to the outline of the parchment I made of the magic scroll. . But his approach was prevented by me. I picked and picked from a 南京夜生活spa论坛 pile of discarded magic parchments for a long time before I found out a piece of parchment that was barely comparable to the one just now. It was burnt at one corner. Paste, but the total area does not affect the drawing of the magic pattern, which is placed on the test bench.

The magic pen that broke in the explosion just now can only be discarded and replaced with a brand new one.


At first, Yerkes was a little surprised when he saw t


accuracy, and of course strength is indispensable in the end.

Among so many twelve-year-olds in El City. My strength is not dominant, but my speed and endurance can even reach the physical stamina of a fourteen or five-year-old. Although Lynt doesn’t say anything, I know he really wants to be my martial arts enlightenment, but I know that I was in Xinghu Prairie Qiangbach has become the leader of my martial arts enlightenment. Later, I met Kurt, the warchief who taught me and Kurz how to avoid the “charge” skills. What made me follow the martial arts of the orcs, the martial arts full of explosive destruction, so I didn’t have the slightest interest in swordsmanship. Every time Liont tactfully asked me to practice swordsmanship, I would find some reasons to escape. Gradually, he began to understand that I had no idea about his 南京龙凤网 martial arts, and his heart gradually faded.

But now, when he was in school, he began to have new ideas, especially when he knew my performance in the oak forest outside Fecang town, he began to slowly reflect on the negligence of me in recent years, and I am also Children who dare to travel alone in the mountains and forests of Sloit Province, my mature temperament and experience, are hard to find among these city children.

“Have you thought about what you want to learn in the future? You never said which aspect of martial arts you like!” Lionte was also very curious. I wanted to hear my thoughts. I complained in my heart. In fact, I really don’t have any ideas. To say that I like that kind of martial arts, in fact, I like more extreme and violent dagger weapons, but I am very disdainful of attacks and other 江苏桑拿论坛 methods, I prefer those techniques and tactics of Yvli.

At this time, Fanny had already walked downstairs with a paper box, and when she saw that I had finished eating, she did not forget to praise Tracy. She said to Tracy: “First of all, I would like to thank our little princess for her dedication early in the morning. We made these breakfasts with me early in th