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ly two cucumber eggs, Liu Wei and Zhu Fangyu.
It’s really hard for Liu Wei to play Byron Davis. Liu Wei’s physical talent is better than Guo Shiqiang, but his experience in handling the ball and golf trader is far worse now. Byron Davis was defeated by Guo Shiqiang, a classic car in the first quarter. Everything is going to fall apart.
But in the second quarter, Liu Wei temporarily found confidence here.
Liu Wei is still a little tender.
Counting this way, the only one who can save the Chinese team is the 19-year-old Zhu Fangyu.
In fact, the Chinese team is indeed 南京桑拿会所 creating opportunities for Zhu Fangyu.
However, after Gong Xiaobin’s two wonderful support, the US team also strengthened its control of Zhu Fangyu, which made him almost no chance to get to the basket.
Do not move, single these players of the US team, really, very hanging!
“Little pig, don’t stop running, there will be a chance!”
Don’t stop running, there will be a chance!
This is what Eddie Jordan said to Chen Xiao. At this time, Chen Xiao gave it to Zhu Fangyu intact.
Listening to Chen Xiao’s cry from the sidelines, Zhu Fangyu gritted his teeth and continued to run on the court.
Even if there is no chance, it can bring the defense into chaos and create opportunities for Yao and his teammates!
Zhu Fangyu thought so, but lacking Battelle, Chen Xiao and Hu Weidong’s three main offensive forces, the Chinese team’s offense is really 南京水磨会所 not working.
In the end, Yao Ming, who was blocked again by Ben Wallace, could only hit the ball to Zhu Fangyu, who had already been posted by Pierce.
Facing Pierce, Zhu Fangyu gritted his teeth and leaned on Pierce’s body!
He is going to commit a foul!
Pierce is aware of it, but the body’s reaction has slowed down.
He really didn’t expect that a 19-year-old young man would actually dare to sneak attack on him, the’Grandmaster Penalty Lin’!
What I didn’t even expect was that Zhu Fangyu made a foul and threw the shot at random, brushing it, hollowing into the net! [Note 1]


ng as he can become a professional player, I think it’s fine.”
Yang Wenlong looked at the group who are still training. The young player asked Guo Wei: “Old Guo, how many people do you think can become professional players?”
“I don’t know” Guo Wei looked at and answered honestly.
“I think it would be great if one of these people can play professional football.” Yang Wenlong sighed. “Where is it so easy to play professional football! If those parents are trying to make their children the second high, or let their children be professional players and send them to me, how can I afford it? I didn’t take football as a hobby, but thought about it as a career to make a lot of money. Where can such good things come from?”
Finally, Yang Wenlong snorted.
Guo Wei heard him say that, and he didn’t know what to say.
He felt that his old friend was right.
There are always too many people in this world who want to cut corners, but if there is a shortcut to success, 南京龙凤网 wouldn’t it be easy for everyone in this world to succeed?
How can there be such a good thing?
Gao Zheng hopes to use his fame to make his master’s life easier, but Lao Yang has his own ethics and principles.
Chapter 291 The Right Decision After
Gao Zheng completed a feat that no one could accomplish in 105 years, more and more people paid attention to him.
At this time, the issue of whether Gao Zheng will still play in Sampdoria next season has also attracted everyone’s attention.
The media needs a hot spot. Before Gao Zheng broke the record, there was a hot spot. When Gao Zheng broke the record, this hot spot disappeared.
Journalists need to find new hot spots.
With Gao Zheng’s record-breaking performance, he has also entered the field of vision of more European teams.
Not only in Italy, but throughout Europe, everyone knows 南京桑拿会所 that there is a young Chinese player who broke Nodal’s 62-year Serie A single-season scoring record.
In fact, it is not the first time that Gao Zheng has been known by the entire European football co


n who weighs more than two hundred catties was still very strong at that time, but standing with his wife always gives people a feeling of “beauty and beast”.
That 南京桑拿会所 is, when he was in China, Godot showed Rongguang a picture of his daughter.
Later, Rongguang came to Brazil and found that Godot’s wife and daughter looked alike, but their hair color was a little different. Godot’s wife is blond, and his daughter’s hair is brown, which is the result of mixed blood.
Godot’s daughter in the photo is still a young teenage girl, full of youthful breath, even the photo can’t stop it. Laughing brighter in the bright sun than in the sun.
“How? My daughter is pretty?” Godot said with pride. “But I warn you, you are not allowed to hit her idea!”
Rong Guang rolled his eyes, and he wouldn’t be interested in a twenty-year-old woman-Godot told him, his daughter I am in college and have just turned 20. Rong Guang is only fifteen years old. For him, a woman five years older than him is indeed an “old woman”.
Godot 南京龙凤网 really cares about his precious daughter.
He called once a week, but basically he took the initiative to call, and his daughter rarely called him.
It’s just that the process of most phone calls is very fixed: At the beginning, I care about my life, school work, and talk a little bit of home. The atmosphere is still 南京炮网 harmonious. But in the end it will definitely end in a quarrel.
Rongguang could hear Godot yelling into the microphone in his bedroom every time through two doors.
The reason for the quarrel is the same every time, that is, Godot, the father, has too much control and makes his daughter unhappy.
Both parties could quarrel about the same thing every time. Rong Guang felt quite speechless
and he couldn’t understand Godot’s daughter. When he was in the mountains and his parents were away from home to work, he could only see him once a year during the Spring Festival. I wish I could hear the voices of my parents every week. Godot’s daughter had this condition but didn’t know ho


e on James’ forehead was added.
Bosh, who saw that his good friend was anxious about the point difference that he couldn’t catch up, also decided to come forward and use his “milky sky and long roar” to save James’s hairline.
It’s just that
on the court, just as Bosh shook Haslem from a high 南京品茶网 position and rushed into the Heat’s basket
, a ruthless big hand forced the basketball from him before Mourning took a turn in front of him. I’m digging away!
The young man, the coach who taught you how to play, didn’t he tell you that when you are preparing to attack, it is the time when you are most likely to make mistakes?
In the Heat’s penalty area, after Xi Tian made a steal, Su Feng immediately dribbled the ball and launched a conversion attack.
Fortunately, the rest of the Cavaliers retired quickly and did not give Su Feng the opportunity to attack directly.
At this
moment, looking at Ginobili
Su Feng who reached out to him for the ball in the top arc, there was always a feeling that he had become this “Pippen”.
But that’s it.
Now that the demon sword has been out of its sheath, how can it be reasonable to take it?
On the 南京桑拿会所 field, after handing the ball to Ginobili, Su Feng simply stood in the bottom corner as Ginobili’s audience.
In the new season, Su Feng, who knows more about how to allocate his physical stamina, knows that he can’t maintain a high-intensity defense while still shouldering the burden of the team’s offense.
Therefore, when necessary, it is also good for Su Feng to be a BUFF monster to open up the space for teammates.
It is the
top arc. After Ginobi used his juggling dribble to break through Johnson’s defense.
Su Feng, who thought Ginobili was going to end by himself, was almost not frightened by the pass that suddenly appeared in front of him. Half dead!
Good guys!
Nash’s pass is that even if you are not prepared, you can be brought into the offensive rhythm by him.
But if your passing is
not for my concentration, wouldn’t it be directly handed