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eing stuck tightly by Su Feng, Lei Allen always felt that whether it was Su Feng or Kobe, anyway, when the Raul Meilien Gemini met him, it seemed as if he had an enmity with him.
On the field, Randolph and Duncan did screens for Ray Allen and failed to stop Su Feng.
On the contrary, when Su Feng was around the block, Lei Allen, who tried to pull Su Feng away from him, was “retaliation” from Su’s guidance.
In the first quarter of the game, Lei Allen, who had battled with Su Feng for the 南京水磨会所 entire quarter, only managed three shots.
As a result, due to the previous consumption of a lot of physical energy during the confrontation with Su Feng, Lei Allen could not grasp these three opportunities.
At the end of the first quarter, relying on Duncan and Randolph’s back and forth, the Celtics slightly 南京炮网 prevailed.
The first quarter of the two teams scored 25 to 28.
In the second quarter of the game, the Heat replaced their second lineup, led by Su Feng.
The Celtics,
after thinking about it for a whole ten seconds, looked at the only trustworthy Ray Allen among the outside players on the bench in the Green Army, Miller Carr said affectionately to him: “Ray, we need you!”
Ray Allen: ”
As a player who just wants to have a good game tonight, when he saw Carl’s affectionate look at him, the one thing Ray Allen wanted to say at the time was:
No, You do not need!
for the trust of the coach, no matter how much Lei Allen didn’t want to match up with Su Feng, he still gritted his teeth and nodded.
On the court, taking advantage of Duncan’s time to rest, Su Feng successfully led the Heat to a 7-0 spurt.
On the TNT TV station, looking 南京桑拿会所 at Su Feng, who is both father and mother on the court, Barkley said with emotion: “Anyone with a little common sense knows that no matter how strong a player, his physical fitness is limited.
But tonight
Su seems to be As if he would never get tired, he carried the banner for the Heat on both ends of the offense and defense.”
It’s a pity that,


th his body.
“Damn! One more person! Can’t let him into the penalty area!” Abbiati yelled in front of the goal.
In front of Crewe, the penalty zone line is close at hand, and it is difficult to get in if you want to break in! In front of him, there are already two Milan players blocking. But he still intends to push hard.
A quick cross under his feet made Gattuso want to stretch his feet but did not dare to stretch his feet, and then suddenly knocked the football lightly under Gattuso’s crotch, and then, Crewe was about to jump around Gattuso. !
As long 南京桑拿论坛 as he can get around, he will be in the penalty area.
But the Milan defender Jankulowski next to Gattuso slammed Crewe and knocked him out! Crewe fell in the penalty area!
“Beep!” The whistle sounded again.
“Punish your mother shit!” This time it was the Milan fans’ turn to scold.
“Cru fell to the ground, Milan fouled! But is this place a penalty? Let’s take a look at the slow motion.” The slow motion shows that although the football is in the penalty area, Jankulovsky crashed in time. The foul location It’s outside the restricted area.
The referee did not point to the penalty spot, but stood at the foul spot and raised his arm. Indicate this is a free kick.
Basten was pacing nervously from the sidelines. Just now, Zhang Jun scored a 27-meter free kick, and now he gave the opponent an 18-meter free kick. 南京419论坛 According to Zhang Jun’s state, the ball is
“Wall! Wall! Go up to the seven-man platoon!” He shouted loudly from the sidelines.
Sure enough, Zhang Jun picked up the football again, then walked to the place designated by the referee and placed the football firmly on the ground.
“This is Fiorentina’s opportunity! Now the time has entered injury time! Can Zhang Jun use another free kick to kick Milan into hell? Let’s wait and see.”
But this free kick was not Zhang Jun’s penalty, because he put the football on the ground, it flashed to the top of the arc, and gave way to Xiang Tao, who retreated ten meters for t


fun together?”
Kobe, who felt a little empty and lonely lately, called McGrady while hugging Vanessa. .
On the side, after hearing the content of the conversation between Kobe and McGrady, Vanessa was speechless.
Because you said, how did you look at Kobe in the first 南京龙凤网 place?
, you have a girlfriend who doesn’t play. You have to go and play with your good brother?
The process and results of Kobe and McGrady PK are not listed here.
On the 22nd, in Sydney, the Chinese men’s basketball team ushered in their opponents in the quarterfinals, the Russian men’s basketball team.
Because as long as the Chinese men’s basketball team wins this game, the Chinese men’s basketball team will break into the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games without precedent.
Therefore, before the start of the game, the various kaka corners of the rabbit’s house (note ①) are like the first time the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship. That way, it’s so lively.
And CCTV, Yu Jia, who was responsible for explaining the game, didn’t even sleep much before the game.
In the first half of this year, Yu Jia, who 南京419论坛 came to the fore through the National NBA Commentator Competition jointly organized by Coca-Cola and CCTV, at this moment, in his heart, I am most grateful for the phrase “I rely on” from Mr. Han.
Of course, together with him, I want to thank Mr. Han very much, as well as Guidance Zhang, the guest speaker tonight. 南京水磨会所
“This is really a moment to rewrite history!
Because as long as the boys of the men’s basketball team can do their best tonight, we will be in the top four of the Olympic Games for the first time tonight! “Before the game, Zhang Weiping, a former national player of the men’s basketball team, looked at the men’s basketball team led by Su Feng to play, his mood was more than full of emotion?
For the flower growers who are not as developed as the future at this time. In other words, for the Olympics, most Chinese people have emotions different from those of other cou


excited, and celebrating for this performance of Glory.
There were countless messages, posts and information about glory on the Internet.
In 2007, China did not have Weibo or WeChat Moments. But there are also forums, QQ groups, and live event posts.
Many netizens are surfing the Internet, watching live broadcasts, and discussing in QQ groups.
Some people even announced the historic moment of glory on the Internet faster than Zhan Junguang.
Then the entire network burst.
“Amazing! Fifteen goals! No one has done 南京桑拿论坛 it for fifty-two years in the entire world of football! Let Rongguang do it!”
“Who said that the Chinese can’t play football? If someone says that in the future, let Rongguang do it. Fan his face with a big mouth!”
“So many things that world-class superstars can’t do, Rongguang has done it! In the future, the media will say that Rongguang is not a world superstar, so they will smoke him!”
“I know that Rongguang can! He is really the pride of our Chinese! Such an outstanding star But not being able to enter the national team, this is not a loss of glory, it is a loss of the Chinese team! It is a shame of the Chinese Football Association! Damn! It gets more and more angry! When will the leaders of that group of football associations be arrested, it will be fine!
If you can’t do anything about it , the dead body is a vegetarian meal. It’s 南京龙凤网 time to catch it!” “It is said that the next leader likes football. I don’t know if I will intervene if I can. If I can, I want Rongguang to join the national team. ! ” ”
Hey, I say? so happy when we can not say disgusting thing? ” ”
Yes, yes, let us be discussing the glory of the fifteen balls it then it is all 南京桑拿会所 wonderful ah! in particular, these three are headed! really opened my mind! he just told feet installed Goblin rocket boots Like! he’s not jump Zhengding, he is to fly Zhengding ah! ”
when Chinese Internet users are in for When Rongguang’s performance was crazy, it was almost the same in Europe.
The narrators from all over the


s agility is also far beyond ordinary people. The future training master Cannon Baker is famous for imitating Iverson’s dribble.
In Su Feng’s previous life, many Aimee said that dribbling can be achieved through hard training.
And every time he heard such words, Su Feng just wanted to tell them that in the future, Clay would also say that as long as you work hard, you can also be a father in the NBA Western Conference Finals .
AI’s Crossover has a large range and a lot of changes. It is definitely a beautiful landscape at the beginning of the century.
When he takes off and dunks, you may even have an illusion that his legs must be equipped with boosters.
A man who can ride a seven-footer on the opposite side to make up for deductions and knock down his opponent to complete a breakthrough under the HC rules. To put it bluntly, among the Big Four shooting guards, no one is normal.
No matter how many times history is repeated, Iverson is Philadelphia’s best answer in 1996.
Of course, Su Feng remembered that Marbury’s death this time was really a bit wronged.
Because at the time of the trial, Marbury’s performance was also 南京夜生活论坛 eye-catching.
Only later, when the 76ers’ management was talking to Iverson and Marbury, Marbury, who had not yet received the baptism of socialism, showed capitalist fangs. I think one bite, I think, makes the 76ers. The management is very disgusted.
And Iverson?
Look, this kid is so sunny, this kid has his own protagonist halo when he smiles.
Well, anyway, in any case, since both decided to go to participate in this trial, and it’s management in case of 76 people over there need help test their own AI, or Marbury attack it?
You know, Su Feng never refuses such a good thing as a heads-up.
The only time Su Feng felt that there was a shortcoming, when he was recently beaten, he was not strong enough.
“Hey, Su, Philadelphia hero, I want to cheer for today’s trial.”
When he saw John Davis in a good mood at the 76ers training 南京419论坛 hall, Su Feng felt a pa


ng as he can become a professional player, I think it’s fine.”
Yang Wenlong looked at the group who are still training. The young player asked Guo Wei: “Old Guo, how many people do you think can become professional players?”
“I don’t know” Guo Wei looked at and answered honestly.
“I think it would be great if one of these people can play professional football.” Yang Wenlong sighed. “Where is it so easy to play professional football! If those parents are trying to make their children the second high, or let their children be professional players and send them to me, how can I afford it? I didn’t take football as a hobby, but thought about it as a career to make a lot of money. Where can such good things come from?”
Finally, Yang Wenlong snorted.
Guo Wei heard him say that, and he didn’t know what to say.
He felt that his old friend was right.
There are always too many people in this world who want to cut corners, but if there is a shortcut to success, 南京龙凤网 wouldn’t it be easy for everyone in this world to succeed?
How can there be such a good thing?
Gao Zheng hopes to use his fame to make his master’s life easier, but Lao Yang has his own ethics and principles.
Chapter 291 The Right Decision After
Gao Zheng completed a feat that no one could accomplish in 105 years, more and more people paid attention to him.
At this time, the issue of whether Gao Zheng will still play in Sampdoria next season has also attracted everyone’s attention.
The media needs a hot spot. Before Gao Zheng broke the record, there was a hot spot. When Gao Zheng broke the record, this hot spot disappeared.
Journalists need to find new hot spots.
With Gao Zheng’s record-breaking performance, he has also entered the field of vision of more European teams.
Not only in Italy, but throughout Europe, everyone knows 南京桑拿会所 that there is a young Chinese player who broke Nodal’s 62-year Serie A single-season scoring record.
In fact, it is not the first time that Gao Zheng has been known by the entire European football co