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at the Thunder by 9 points, turning the series’ total score into 3 to 0, and officially got the match point!
Today, Durant’s performance can no longer fault. He shot 524%, grabbed 11 rebounds, and sent 1 block and 2 南京龙凤论坛 steals.
Du Xiaoshuai has really tried his best.
But Wayne easily did what Durant did his best.
That’s right, it’s easy.
Durant spent a full 44 minutes in this game, and only one minute of rest in an average game.
And Wayne? He can do better than Durant in just 38 minutes.
Facts have proved that your brother Wei is still your brother Wei.
In this game, all Thunder fans know that there is no need to struggle.
No matter how well you play Durant, Wayne can play better than Durant.
At this stage, Durant, no matter how much he turned, he still couldn’t reach Wayne’s Five Finger Mountain.
Two days later, the heartless Thunder lost their last game of the season at home.
Durant did not continue to explode. He scored 23 points on 8 of 20 shots. Wayne scored 26 points with only 15 shots.
In the unwilling gaze of the Russian fans, the young Thunder was swept 4-0 by the Blazers in the first round of the playoffs.
The scoring leader was difficult to win in the playoffs, and Durant lost again in front of Wayne.
He lost the scoring competition last season. He lost at the World Championships last summer.
In this year’s playoffs, he lost again.
Wayne has 南京龙凤网 become the label of his career and also a shadow.
At the end of the series, Durant and Wayne’s hostile value is only the last trace of distance from the first tick mark.
Adu, why can’t you hate me any more?
Is it that Brother Wei, where did I fail to do it?
I have beaten you up like this. Are you still funny with a layer of paper?
Durant didn’t want to hate now, he just felt sad.
Inadvertently, he sang: “I should be in the car, not in the car.” After
playing the series, Wayne shook his head as he watched Durant and Turtle go away.
In the original history, the team that reached the Western Conference Finals i


devil! ”
Yes, the devil!”
“Luciano, do you know? Even though I have seen high genius performances during training, he still scared me this time.” Assistant coach Casio said to cloth. Rooney said with emotion.
“I was also scared, Alfredo.” Bruni smiled and shook his head. “To be honest, when I put him on the field, I didn’t know what would happen next. I lacked a clear idea. All of this was caused by someone Gao, and it has nothing to do with me.”
Cassillo sighed . : “Perhaps this is the ability of genius. They can always do things that we can’t even think of.”
Chapter 43 is a pity.
After Gao Zheng scored, there are still ten minutes before the end of the game. It seems Gao Zheng that The ball is the biggest climax of this game.
Everyone felt that the next 南京品茶网game had lost its meaning.
Can Genoa, one less person, be able to set off another storm? Looking at the Genoa players on the field, they all seemed to be frightened by Gao Zheng’s feat of single-handedly singled out the entire line of defense and lost their fighting spirit.
But Gao Zheng did not let the game go on as everyone wanted.南京桑拿论坛
At the 86th minute of the game, he received a pass from his teammate on the penalty zone line, and he shot the ball without stopping, and the football drew an arc.
This time the arc was very big, completely bypassing Palin’s extended arm, and then got into the goal!
hat trick!
No one thought that Gao Zheng had already entered Longtan alone and shocked the audience. Gao Zheng even confiscated his hands and wanted to complete a hat trick.
After the goal, Gao Zheng made a cry of celebration towards the Genoa players. San Pietro and the others ran up and followed Gao Zheng, clenched their hands into fists, and placed them in circles under their eyes.
Of course, this was a response to the words that Jelenici and they said to Gao Zheng, “Don’t cry at that time, you
‘re stupid!” Then Gao Zheng would cry to them.
Gao Zheng’s third 南京龙凤论坛 goal was the complete end of the game.
Sampdoria, who leads Genoa


ch sense. It needs 4:2.
There is not much time left for them.
Zhou Yi also knows that Real Madrid is very anxious, so at this time, it is necessary to do the opposite. The more opponents want to do, the less they can do it. Do what makes your opponent uncomfortable, 南京419论坛 then do.
So as long as he gets the ball, he will slowly deal with the football, or adopt the method of passing the ball back, using the pass to fully mobilize the Real Madrid players and let them run.
On the one hand, it consumes their physical energy. On the other hand, they hope to create some open spaces and opportunities in such a transfer. The third aspect is to make Real Madrid players feel anxious and lose their composure. The more impatient they are, the better for Dortmund.
Under such circumstances, boos against Zhouyi and Dortmund sounded over the Bernabéu Stadium. Real Madrid fans believed that Dortmund was deliberately delaying time, especially for Zhouyi. They believed that the culprit for Dortmund’s play was Zhouyi, and it was natural for Zhouyi to be the culprit. Half a good impression
Zhou Yi doesn’t care what the 南京桑拿论坛 visiting team fans think of him, he concentrates on playing his own ball.
He kept running from one point to another on the court, receiving the ball from the opponents, and then passing the ball out. This is actually very physically demanding, but Zhouyi shows no signs of being unable to run.
The game time passed by one minute and one second, the score was still not rewritten, it was still 2:2, and the two teams were tied.
“There is not much time left for Real Madrid!” He Ping was pleased to use a stalk that is almost a household name among Chinese fans.
The Chinese fans in front of the TV all laughed. Of course, the Real Madrid fans in China might not laugh.
In the 83rd minute, ten minutes before the end of the game, Zhou Yi received a ball from Sven Bender. He turned around while receiving the ball, and while turning around, he 南京品茶网 used the outside of the instep to dial out the football, and s


, then after a night at Manchester City Stadium, Ibrahimovic has already treated himself There is 南京龙凤论坛 no hope for the results in Barcelona.
He intends to leave Barcelona and can’t wait.
Since Barcelona doesn’t value themselves, go to a team that values ??themselves.
This is a normal decision for Ibrahimovic.
He has even started to ask his agent Raiola to help him contact the next home.
Even if he is allowed to return to Inter 南京419论坛 Milan, he will not refuse.
The 149th chapter controversy
“The only person who can rival Messi?” David Silva couldn’t help laughing when he saw the Barcelona media describe glory like this. He thought this statement was ridiculous.
The other way around may be almost the same.
And we have to add modifiers like “may” and “maybe”.
Messi may and may be the only one who can rival Rongguang.
David Silva respects Messi very much, because Messi is really good, but it is ridiculous to say that he can be his opponent only when he is so good.
David Silva had thought about challenging glory before, but later realized how stupid he was.
So now he sees this kind of media statement, and he feels very deeply.
“What does the Barcelona media say?” Sabaletta asked him.
David Silva nodded, then put the newspaper aside.
“They really dare 南京水磨会所 to say
it,” said with emotion after the other Manchester City players around David Silva and Sabaletta looked at each other.
They just finished their training at the Espanyol Club training base. On the way back to the hotel, they had nothing to do. Everyone chatted about the recent Barcelona media’s attention to them. It happened that David Silva had a copy of “World Sports News.
Everyone is curious how the Barcelona media will comment on them.
But for Manchester City itself, the Barcelona media did not pay much attention.
What they care about most is glory, as if Manchester City are just one glory.
The combined attention of Sneijder, David Silva and others is not as good as Rongguang alone.
Sneijder’s attention is second, and


n who weighs more than two hundred catties was still very strong at that time, but standing with his wife always gives people a feeling of “beauty and beast”.
That 南京桑拿会所 is, when he was in China, Godot showed Rongguang a picture of his daughter.
Later, Rongguang came to Brazil and found that Godot’s wife and daughter looked alike, but their hair color was a little different. Godot’s wife is blond, and his daughter’s hair is brown, which is the result of mixed blood.
Godot’s daughter in the photo is still a young teenage girl, full of youthful breath, even the photo can’t stop it. Laughing brighter in the bright sun than in the sun.
“How? My daughter is pretty?” Godot said with pride. “But I warn you, you are not allowed to hit her idea!”
Rong Guang rolled his eyes, and he wouldn’t be interested in a twenty-year-old woman-Godot told him, his daughter I am in college and have just turned 20. Rong Guang is only fifteen years old. For him, a woman five years older than him is indeed an “old woman”.
Godot 南京龙凤网 really cares about his precious daughter.
He called once a week, but basically he took the initiative to call, and his daughter rarely called him.
It’s just that the process of most phone calls is very fixed: At the beginning, I care about my life, school work, and talk a little bit of home. The atmosphere is still 南京炮网 harmonious. But in the end it will definitely end in a quarrel.
Rongguang could hear Godot yelling into the microphone in his bedroom every time through two doors.
The reason for the quarrel is the same every time, that is, Godot, the father, has too much control and makes his daughter unhappy.
Both parties could quarrel about the same thing every time. Rong Guang felt quite speechless
and he couldn’t understand Godot’s daughter. When he was in the mountains and his parents were away from home to work, he could only see him once a year during the Spring Festival. I wish I could hear the voices of my parents every week. Godot’s daughter had this condition but didn’t know ho


d Da Yiwan looked at each other, smiled and asked the last question, “500,000 US dollars, for two visitors to the Jurgen collection. How about the tickets?”

Martina was surprised at 南京楼凤论坛 first, then smiled on her face, “Of course it’s okay. If you can kill Orika’s brother by the way during the transaction, everything in this room can be taken away. Just don’t make too much noise to interfere with my rest.”

“Kill her brother?”

“That’s a lunatic who was really brainwashed by Jurgen.” Before Martina’s voice, the person had disappeared at the stairs.

“Why do they go around such a big circle?”

Big Ivan’s face was full of puzzled. “No matter she or Jurgen, you can contact us directly. Why do you want to bring Alfonso with you?”

“If not Alfonso, do you think we need to exchange Orika with them?” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix asked in a low voice, changing to Chinese, “Is it all recorded?”

“I have been driving since I got off the car.” Da Yiwan remained silent. He patted his 南京桑拿论坛 pocket, “Where do we start looking?”

“It’s the same from where” Nanjing Longfeng said, and went straight to the room where Jurgen’s body was parked.

Chapter 176

From more than two o’clock in the middle of the night until dawn, the brothers had tossed around in Jurgen’s house for several hours but couldn’t find any valuable clues.

“This place must have been cleaned by professional people.” Big Ivan took off his rubber gloves and complained.

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix nodded perfunctorily, but the whole person’s attention was placed on the red copper globe on Jurgen’s desk that was only the size of a watermelon.

There is no national boundary on this globe. Instead, reliefs are used to outline the characteristics of various geological and landforms such as the Himalayas and the Great Rift Valley. In the ocean area, scattered sea snakes, mermaids, sailing ships and even octopus reliefs larger than sailing ships make this globe full of mystery.

In the eyes of Nanjing Longfeng, when he just put his hand on the globe just


the field and said, “This bone has obvious defects, which should have been suffered during his lifetime. We can further confirm that he was the injured guerrilla on the way to Voronovo led by Mikhail.

Once again, thanks to the Dragon and Bear Adventure Club for their clues and help, they once again helped We retrieved five back-to-law heroes.”

At the end of the interview, 南京桑拿论坛 the forensic doctor blatantly received a bottle of aged vodka from the big Ivan, while at the same time, the accompanying Orthodox priest took the initiative to complete the simple But a solemn requiem ceremony.

“Ms. Milla, we have to look for the missing communications vehicle, so we will trouble you and the soldiers for the rest of the work.”

Mila nodded when he heard the words, “When you find the communication vehicle, remember to call me. People from the World War II Veterans Survivors Association in Belarus want to see you.”

“We will call you as soon as we find the communication vehicle. “Nanjing Longfeng waved his hand and led everyone out of the oak forest.

I don’t know whether it was intentional or not. This time reporter Mark and his colleagues did not follow Nanjing Longfeng and others to act 南京桑拿会所网 together. This saved a lot of trouble. Even the brothers and sisters that Elena assigned to Big Ivan at the time were also an excuse. Helped stay in the oak wood cemetery.

In this way, only Elena’s small Lada and two Taitola RVs with Russian license plates are left to go to the furniture factory.

The three cars drove along the forest road towards Voronovo for less than half an hour, and they saw 南京夜生活spa论坛 the furniture factory on the right side of the road.

A long way away, the icon of the woodcutter on the top of the furniture factory workshop came into view, and the distance between the map of Nanjing Longfeng and the black arrow was getting closer.

Parked the car at the entrance of the furniture factory, Elena took a quick run-up with her long legs and then leaped hard and grabbed the upper edge of the 南京楼凤论坛 iron door. Before


rette. Open it directly, take a pack and put it in his pocket.

“Why didn’t you go?”

Nanjing Longfeng asked curiously. The sister his second uncle said was the one in his own family, but the only daughter of their old couple, but this sister was married far away, almost in the south of the motherland. .

Not to mention usually, even if they come back in the New Year, they are rushing around, but the old couple ran over there every other way and stayed for a week or two before returning.

“What am I going to do?”

“The 南京夜网 broken place is warm, but it won’t be wet until the Chinese New Year. I can’t stand their south windy days. Besides, it hasn’t been a few days since I watched the Chinese New Year. I guess they should also be in these two days.”

The second uncle led Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix into the house, but before he finished speaking, he found that Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix’s attention had all gone to the TV that he had just forgotten 南京夜网论坛 to turn off: “Recently, Russia and Italy have returned a batch of losses to China. Overseas precious cultural relics, including ”

Chapter 130 Lao Hu’s Quotation”

From the beginning of the screaming of the first New Year pig in Shijiatun whose neck was wiped with a knife, the whole village was immersed in the atmosphere of the New Year.

The young people who came back from working 南京桑拿论坛 outside the area gradually filled the big tukang of every household with their daughters-in-law, children and gifts, and the new generation of Shijiatun dolls with accents from all over the country were chasing chickens and dogs. .

For these children, perhaps the concept of hometown is just a rare “family trip” once a year.

The only difference between these children who grew up in a foreign land and the children 江苏桑拿论坛 who stayed behind in their hometown is that the former started wandering at a premature age, while the latter lacked parental care at the age when they were most needed.

But compared to these young bean sprouts who don’t know how to feel sad, the situation of tho

重庆 口爆论坛








「最近の教授の授業を聞いても何も学ばなかった。ささいなこと。 「ボス?ルオは微笑んだ。「知識は最も貴重なものの1つなので、大したことではない。」
























スネイプ氏にとって、ラウンドあたりのアクションポイントが1減少するだけでなく、ラウンドあたりのライフ減少ポイントも1増加するのは当然のことです。このように、それは蓄積し続け、彼のライフバリューは非常に南京夜生活spa论坛高くなります。 。それは危険ですが、彼が今まで生き残ることができるのは奇跡的なことです。