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He did not feel any disobedience 南京桑拿夜网 to these words, “Sir.”

“Okay, d19” Feng Bujue continued, “You can make me crazy, or um, whatever you want.”

While saying this, Jue was still thinking about other things in his heart. “This guy hasn’t I have any doubts about my way of speaking and the content of my speech, and the speed of answering is quite fast. From this, two assumptions can be made. One is that he is proficient in Chinese; the other is. At this moment, he is being systematically affected. Intervene without knowing it.”

On the other hand. d19 was still sullen, and continued in a tone 南京龙凤论坛 almost unchanged: “Unconsciously, I will interrogate you next.”

He did not continue any further temptation, but directly stated that he would do the next thing. Things.

江苏桑拿论坛 Feng Bujue knew this situation, he knew the people who would do it. I often believe in the fact that I can occupy a “dominant position” in the interrogation.

So, Brother Jue immediately asked: “I guess, your interrogation will be accompanied by violence?”

“Of course.” As d19 said, he punched Feng Bujue’s face.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, my brother suddenly lowered his head and rushed forward. With a head hammer, he took the initiative to meet the opponent’s decapitation.

Kaka Kaka

Immediately afterwards, there was a very obvious sound of broken human bones.

“So” d19 handle retracts to its face finally began to change a little, “you really is not an ordinary role,”

He’s right generally people do not run into the head with his fist,

“flattering flattering ~ ~” not seal Feeling enduring the 南京夜生活spa论坛pain from his forehead, he forced a smiley face and said to d19, “I think you are better and you have fractured several fingers, but you didn’t even hum.” His eyes changed slightly, and he said Feng Yi. Ling, “You are not a normal person if you want to come?”

“I did survive an’accident’ caused by a few projects.” d19 bluntly said, “And after being’exposed to multiple projects’,

Gained some special abilities.南京桑拿按摩网”

“Oh? Multiple projects? ” Ge


he top 20 players in the ranking list, they also 南京桑拿夜网 accounted for the most places. Although the two lists have since been cancelled due to the merger, their strength cannot be ignored.

“Oh? Did you actually meet the strongest opponent in the first game?” The corpse knife member named Doomsday Assault said after hearing the content of the mission.

“There is nothing to be surprised, it’s just a matter of probability.” Finally, the assault continued. “There will always be a team that 南京龙凤网 meets them, right?” The

audience with good memories must remember these two, they are the two members of the corpse knife who encountered Brother Jue and Kuangzong Jianying in the “Earth Waste”. . At that time, they were unfortunately pitted by Brother Jue, and they lost the killing game without even seeing the shadow of the enemy.

Some people may wonder. Why do these two 南京夜生活论坛 guys who don’t seem very good are now in the “corpse knife team”? In fact, this is not surprising because the corpse knife uses the “drug-assisted” cheating method, so in essence, their players are of the same level after reaching level 50.

Unless these players stop taking medicine for a period of time like the corpse knife was king, that is, the tired dream now. Otherwise, even if they have 江苏桑拿论坛 any personal talents, they will be concealed by the effects of drugs and become a group of homogenized and cold fighters.

And under the premise that the player’s personal factors are almost negligible, it becomes very easy to arrange 南京龙凤论坛 the team. Just according to the four factors of character’s specialization, title, equipment, and skills, try to match up a team that can cooperate with each other and give full play to each other’s best advantages. It can be said that the formation of the “corpse knife team” is like solving mathematical problems, removing the “human uncertainty”, and the rest is simple calculations.

In fact, the selection work for their team is indeed that the relevant person in charge of the studio completed by Guangbrao just called up the info


son, “That’s right! Did Dr. Shao kill all the residents of this city? ? ” ”

not likely. “Feng feel replied,” Although the city 南京桑拿按摩网 has been very severely damaged, but the way line, we did not see a dead body civilians, even the blood did not find. “His gaze swept around, “including this buildingthis is supposed to be the most heavily guarded place on the whole scum scum, but why is there not even the slightest trace of resistance or casualties here?”

“Why ? “The two Asan both looked at Brother Jue with inexplicable expressions.

“This shows that there is an internal annihilation in the Star Axe” Feng Bujue replied, “Dr. Bad’s actions to occupy the Axe will be so fast and smooth that the Star Axe even sends out an alarm to the outside world If not, it must be because there is an insider to help.” He touched his chin and read with his eyes far-reaching, “This internal annihilator is not the highest level among the political axes, so he doesn’t know 南京龙凤论坛 about the secret military base; but he His position is by no means lowotherwise it won’t work as it should, um” He pondered for a while, “This is a place that has no access to the highest military secrets, but in the capital of the scum scum star. A person with considerable power, could it be”

“Yes, it’s me.” Suddenly, the radio in the building rang, and a low voice responded to 江苏桑拿论坛 Brother Jue’s words.

“I am the mayor here, fraud and fraud.” The mayor fraud said via the radio, “heroes, you are really good, buthehe” He sneered dangerously, “That’s it!”

“I’ve heard this three or four times in an hour” Feng Bujue said, “If someone with this name can also be the mayorshrugging star is really not a name. People, scams, scams and scams on the earth are basically the same as “money corruption” and

” Ai traitorous 南京桑拿夜网 country”” “You don’t know yet? Hahafrom the moment you landed At the beginning, all the words and deeds of the three of you were transmitted to me and the doctor by the shoulder flies (probably the shrugging star’s flies) type micro-monitoring robot.


he end, a truly strong person is also very strong without wearing holy clothes.”

“I’m not discussing whether he is strong or not” Feng Bujue said, “I mean it is really good to take this thing as a prize?

” I have said that the thing is not rare anymore.” 南京龙凤论坛 Woody replied, “The truly rare soldiers are present, but they will attract the many forces of the world to fight together and fight for things at the level of the saint clothing. A slightly more powerful character, “No one would be interested in getting involved.” He broke his fingers and counted one by one, “One. Too many limitations require the approval of the will of the saint itself, 南京桑拿会所网and the resonance of the small universe, and only humanoid creatures can wear it; secondly , The defense is too weak. Not only will it be frozen by low temperature, but it will also be broken by various physical attacks. Although it has the performance of self-repair and growth. But both are too slow; the third is the most speechless point. At that time, this thing was used to brush up the fashionable value, and the improvement of combat power was not very large. It still depends on whose small universe is higher.”

“Understand.” Feng Bujue snapped his fingers at this time. Then he said, “Even if you give things to Brother Xiao Ma, he will not be able to do anything with this, let alone be targeted by any natural force because of this. So if you give it, you will give it.”

“Hey. Hey, that’s it,” Woody replied.

“Okay,南京桑拿夜网 this is the first thing.” Ruo Yu said again at this time. “Please tell me the next thing.”

“This is the second thing .” There was another white light flashing on Woody’s glasses. He turned his face and deliberately lowered his voice, and said to Feng Bujue, “This Is it right for us to tell her?”

“Yeah” Feng Bujue frowned and thought, as if thinking.

“Hey.” Ruo Yu immediately pressed his elbow to Brother Jue’s arm, and looked at the latter and said, “He hasn’t said anything yet, you know?”

“I” Feng Bujue also knows, here is the secret. Bu


ns and Xuantianzong that our writers are generally optimistic about. Is it still the first time to be on this stage? Caigua and Momo are popular players, don’t they really have no chance?” In line with his lines, the shots were given to these players in order, “The result It will be announced for you later”

This was edited again. In the next shot, Oscar directly read the name on the big screen: “The winner of the first 南京桑拿夜网 round isEight screens!” The

audience cheered and said. applause.

“I think everyone, like me, was deeply impressed by Ping Ge’s paragraphs describing characters.” Oscar said, and the poem written by Shi Cai Ba Fan Ping was reproduced on the big screen.

Subsequently. It was an abrupt transition. Oscar’s position changed a bit, and he said loudly: “Presumably everyone has been waiting for a long time, let 南京桑拿会所网 us enter the second round of the duel-a stroke of magic!”

“Look, the paragraph just now is about to cut into a big one. In the context of the interview, at that point in time, every player’s comments on the results of the first round should be cut in.” Feng Bujue humane Xiao Tan and Bao Da.

Xiao sigh replied, “Which is your ranking in the first round?”

“I don’t know.” Feng Bujue 南京桑拿按摩网 said, “I didn’t ask afterwards.”

“Don’t make a noise, look at the rules.” Master Bao motioned them to stop. .

The detailed rules for the second round were given on the TV screen, and then. Oscar said: “The first round is over. Judging from the current situation, the eight screens are one step ahead. I want to play next, and soft drinks are temporarily last. After the second round of the duel. How will the rankings 南京桑拿会所 turn around? What about the changes

in the game ?” Oscar said, striding to the front of Feng Bujue: “No, if I tell you now, the form of the second round of the duel may be very beneficial to you, do you believe it?”

“At this moment you The expression on his face is as if he just walked out of the MLM venue So my initial reasoning is The content of the second round of the duel


should be cautious, and four of us should go together. Come on!”

“Ha! Ha ha ha ha” Feng Bujue heard their remarks and immediately laughed super tauntingly, “What are you doing? Six major sects besieged Guangmingding?” He said, while jumping half-step. He squeezed his face into the shape of a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek, and said in a pointed voice, “Don’t talk about justice with this kind of evil spirits! 江苏桑拿论坛 Let’s go together!” After

saying that, he stood still and changed his face in a second. He sighed solemnly: “Ah, to be honest, I never stopped you from going up together. It’s just that you come up one by one, thinking you can fix me.”

In the next second, Brother Jue spread his hands and arrogantly said loudly: “Don’t be there to save the courage of the uncle with the heart of a villain! I said that if one person handles you, you are one person. Who cares about you? It’s not that the siege hastened forward and died!” To be continued

Chapter 877 The Second Team of Warring States:

Chapter 878 Chaos Charged The

scorching sun has not set, and the wind and sand will not stop.

In the boundless desert, a fierce battle with one enemy and four is about to start.

And all the players who are 南京桑拿楼凤网 watching this game are also looking forward to the crazy performance.

By now, people don’t seem to care much about whether Brother will win or die. They just want to see what else this guy can do.

“Brother crazy, do you really want to fight them alone?” Tu Aotian asked in a deep voice after hearing Brother Jue’s crazy words.

“Ah Brother Rabbit, you don’t have to help me, just look at it.” Feng 南京桑拿夜网 Bujue replied.

“Yeah” Tu Aotian clenched his fists, as if he had made up some kind of determination, and said, “I know that compared with the crazy brother, my realm is too bad, maybe I will help you become a burden but This is a matter of the survival of the village, if I just stand by and watch.”

“Then you go and get those guys away.” Feng Bujue seemed to have guessed that Tu Aotian would say this, and he p


南京 夜生活 论坛

h sound. How to say it is a bathroom that has not been cleaned for several weeks. It is not a very suitable place.

So after the lips parted, Tony looked into her eyes and said seriously, “Shall we run away? Together.”

“You mean elopement?” Cassandra frowned: “I can’t abandon my family.”

Tony looked at the snow-white ceiling on the ceiling and the black 南京夜生活spa论坛 shadow around the bulb: “I know, I just don’t have the right to say that, but I’m sure you know that 南京桑拿夜网 you also know that you live in a prison, just like me.”

She lifted her head from Tony’s shoulder, looked at his face, reached out and touched it, thinking for a long time.

Finally she made up her mind and nodded.

Anyway, she wants to be with him.

Chapter 1267 Short First Love

The pair of little mandarin ducks flew from Cambridge to New Zealand, the Pacific island country covered by rainforest.

In the next period of time, Tony and Cassandra had a good time, living a shameless life every day.

Tony feels that he is getting better, and that aspect has become too strong. If he doesn’t taste the’meat’ every day, he can hardly sleep like that.

Even Cassandra, who had been joking about him before, couldn’t bear it, and fainted almost every day.

But Tony is not a beast, he still feels very sorry for her. After a month of such dim days, he decided to take her for a day off, and the two set out for a fishing ride.

However, when he reached the blue and uninhabited sea, Tony looked at the beautiful sea and the beautiful fiancee in a swimsuit. He still couldn’t help but move his index finger and the

boat stopped in the open sea for two hours. Woke up in a coma, the two decided to sail to the fishing spot to prepare a fishing lunch.

“What are you thinking? Captain Stark?”

Cassandra lay on the deck enjoying the aftermath, basking in the sun.

“Nothing?” Tony put on his sunglasses, looking like he was intently sailing the boat.

“Nothing?” Cassandra propped up her body with her elbow and twisted to look at him, wanting to see something


en if the opponent is attacked, there is no unpleasant meaning, and there is no hostility. Doesn’t it mean that it is indeed a usable ally?

Your own magic is not effective against this person, can Voldemort’s magic be effective?

Thinking about these joints, Dumbledore retracted the staff again with a smile. He snorted while holding the 南京桑拿会所网 teacup, and then smiled contentedly:

“Professor Wilson is really very professional. He is really a young talent. I am very quick. The letter of appointment will be delivered to you. After Professor Kinderban retires, you will take over as the professor of the magical animal protection class and manage the forbidden forest at the same time. Do you know the forbidden forest? That is”


“Please wait a minute, principal, I I don’t want to be a professor of 江苏桑拿论坛 the magical animal protection class. I hope Hogwarts can teach me a separate class.” Su Ming shook his head, expressing that he didn’t want to listen to Old Deng’s tirades.

“This is a bit difficult.” Dumbledore touched his long beard: “Hogwarts was established in 602 AD, and the course is now connected with the Mage Level Test of the Ministry of Magic. Another course is added, I’m afraid”

Su Ming He took out a soft drink and handed it to the old man as a meeting ceremony, and said with a smile, “Hogwarts courses are not many, after all, arithmetic and divination courses, Quidditch 南京桑拿夜网flight courses, and magical animal protection courses are similar. Isn’t it an elective course?”

“Oh? Did 南京夜生活spa论坛 you see the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts, too?” Dumbledore took the soda box, which he still knew.

“No, I hope the course I’m responsible for is called physical education.” Su Ming’s tone is very firm. He has a plan. After all, if you want to train young people, you have to make them jump out of the wizarding system of the original world.


Chapter 1611 The Savior’s Candidate

In the living room full of cat urine and tobacco smells, two people sat on the sofa face to face, the morning light outside the wi


generally used a weapon to pull a corpse that was too badly decomposed, and it would be done by pulling away the heroic spirit, and she would never touch it with her hands.

Jason can 南京桑拿会所网 actually do evil, is this the legendary king?

Su Ming immediately put on a touched expression. He walked to the old manager and enthusiastically shook hands with the old man: “The prince and wise corporal, full of benevolent demeanor, is indeed the blessing of the country and the people.” The

old housekeeper was caught with both hands. While watching the prince and the carrion who had escaped from his shackles hooked up their 江苏桑拿论坛 shoulders, he couldn’t help laughing and laughing: “Haha yes, yes.”

In fact, his heart was screaming, it’s too dirty! Will you get sick? !

He was dirty, but Jason didn’t dislike it. He had very close contact with these corpses, presumably treating them as living people with their own will.

Also, he shouldn’t have the concept of undead, or what the death knell said.

Slimy friendship probably means this is the time.

“Ahem, Your Majesty Jason, we should set off.” After several minutes, even Su Ming felt a little sick. He had to remind the prince that he would have an opportunity to get close to the dead, and now it’s time for the army to enter the city.

Gin is costly to maintain such a large-scale illusion, okay? The magic gems dug from Agamon’s hometown are used very quickly.


Jason in the moonlight returned to the group of people, with wisps of rotten flesh still hung on his body. He said with some regret: “These are the loyal citizens of the empire. They return to the world to serve me. I wanted to serve them.

I’ll give a speech.” “Oh, when the matter is over, it’s okay if you want to give them honors.” Su Ming’s mouth twitched. Isn’t Jason ruined by his own play?

“Yes, you are right, thank you, the death knell of the Supreme Master, you are our eternal benefactor of Spartacus.” The

prince’s eyes lit up 南京桑拿会所 and he listened seriously. These undead have no need to eat or drink and


e ignorant of Thor, and they just pass away after a few foolish words.

“I’ll do it now, but you have to take Pim and the others back to earth safely. The little girl died at a young age and her father died. It’s pitiful.”

Monak used a cane to transfer the magic circle of the prisoners of the gods before . Yes, I didn’t forget to turn my head and remind Su Ming, with a worried look on his face.

Su Ming looked at the blade of the godslayer and maintained his beard. The time bomb dropped in the palace exploded at this time. He didn’t even have any interest in taking a look: “You are really 南京桑拿楼凤网 getting older. Go and work. There are counts.”

When the death knell was in the smoke of gunpowder and strong wind, and the godslayer was used to shave off a few irregular beards on the chin, the teleportation array that took Monak away again lit up, one wearing a black hooded cloak with his hands in his sleeves and putting his hands on him. Before, the whole person walked out with a dark-style 南京桑拿按摩网 figure.

The visitor took off his hood and revealed a pale face. His white hair was put into a short braid behind his head, and there was a purple diamond mark between his eyebrows.

“Teacher, I’m here.”

Strictly speaking, Casillas has already graduated, and his teacher is not Su Ming, but the master of the New York Temple who is obviously black but named White, but Kamartei It is not wrong that all Ji’s apprentices are 南京桑拿夜网 called Master Master Teacher.

Among the younger generation of archmage, Casillas has more potential at present, and the upper limit of others is nothing more than the archmage stationed in the temple, and Casillas has the possibility of becoming a dimensional demon.

He is only in his sixties this year. He is definitely the first person in the younger generation. He has strength and 南京夜生活论坛 ambition. The key is to have a clear understanding of power.

Su Ming’s transformation of Mordor can be said to be successful, but because of his haste at the time, Mordor embarked on a weird and happy road, so after le