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at this could 南京夜生活spa论坛 be regarded as a script to keep players alive. His estimate of the difficulty of the script is a bit too high. He thought that the general huā would catch up with the dog after more than half an hour. Now it seems that Zarov first released the large group of hounds that he had shown in the castle before. , I was hunting slowly.

Perhaps it was due to the premature death of a knife and the rainy disconnection, or the difficulty of the script was originally changed according to how much players can do in the hour before the boss departure. Anyway, this setting is indeed more in line with the system’s consistent style of dripping water.

Since the players can be divided into several ways, the monsters can of course also be divided into several ways, so that there will not be a team of players who can pass the level 南京桑拿会所网 without difficulty, and the other team will quickly fall into a desperate state. Each team of players will definitely encounter this type of challenge, and accordingly, the boss will appear later. ! ! !

Chapter 091 Hunter Island (7)

“A dog chased me for a long time!” Realizing this, Feng Bujue was very upset, and his skills were already activated. If he stops now and fights in a normal state, it will be more than half a minute. Even if Zhong’s survival value was burned in vain.

He hurriedly stepped out, trying to use the shortest time, the fastest and most brutal attack to bombard the hound to scum.

I saw Feng Bujue sliding horizontally, holding the flashlight in his left hand and shooting forward, while holding the pipe clamp in his right hand, he was ready to take the black hand at any time.

However, when the monster entered Feng Bujue’s sight and was illuminated by the lights, he was immediately shocked, and he couldn’t help but feel fortunate that he had activated the Spiritual Consciousness Gathering Technique in advance There was

a rush of footsteps. After the mist formed by the humid air, a huge, terrifying black shadow came through the fog barrier.

Its C


he end, a truly strong person is also very strong without wearing holy clothes.”

“I’m not discussing whether he is strong or not” Feng Bujue said, “I mean it is really good to take this thing as a prize?

” I have said that the thing is not rare anymore.” 南京龙凤论坛 Woody replied, “The truly rare soldiers are present, but they will attract the many forces of the world to fight together and fight for things at the level of the saint clothing. A slightly more powerful character, “No one would be interested in getting involved.” He broke his fingers and counted one by one, “One. Too many limitations require the approval of the will of the saint itself, 南京桑拿会所网and the resonance of the small universe, and only humanoid creatures can wear it; secondly , The defense is too weak. Not only will it be frozen by low temperature, but it will also be broken by various physical attacks. Although it has the performance of self-repair and growth. But both are too slow; the third is the most speechless point. At that time, this thing was used to brush up the fashionable value, and the improvement of combat power was not very large. It still depends on whose small universe is higher.”

“Understand.” Feng Bujue snapped his fingers at this time. Then he said, “Even if you give things to Brother Xiao Ma, he will not be able to do anything with this, let alone be targeted by any natural force because of this. So if you give it, you will give it.”

“Hey. Hey, that’s it,” Woody replied.

“Okay,南京桑拿夜网 this is the first thing.” Ruo Yu said again at this time. “Please tell me the next thing.”

“This is the second thing .” There was another white light flashing on Woody’s glasses. He turned his face and deliberately lowered his voice, and said to Feng Bujue, “This Is it right for us to tell her?”

“Yeah” Feng Bujue frowned and thought, as if thinking.

“Hey.” Ruo Yu immediately pressed his elbow to Brother Jue’s arm, and looked at the latter and said, “He hasn’t said anything yet, you know?”

“I” Feng Bujue also knows, here is the secret. Bu


ns and Xuantianzong that our writers are generally optimistic about. Is it still the first time to be on this stage? Caigua and Momo are popular players, don’t they really have no chance?” In line with his lines, the shots were given to these players in order, “The result It will be announced for you later”

This was edited again. In the next shot, Oscar directly read the name on the big screen: “The winner of the first 南京桑拿夜网 round isEight screens!” The

audience cheered and said. applause.

“I think everyone, like me, was deeply impressed by Ping Ge’s paragraphs describing characters.” Oscar said, and the poem written by Shi Cai Ba Fan Ping was reproduced on the big screen.

Subsequently. It was an abrupt transition. Oscar’s position changed a bit, and he said loudly: “Presumably everyone has been waiting for a long time, let 南京桑拿会所网 us enter the second round of the duel-a stroke of magic!”

“Look, the paragraph just now is about to cut into a big one. In the context of the interview, at that point in time, every player’s comments on the results of the first round should be cut in.” Feng Bujue humane Xiao Tan and Bao Da.

Xiao sigh replied, “Which is your ranking in the first round?”

“I don’t know.” Feng Bujue 南京桑拿按摩网 said, “I didn’t ask afterwards.”

“Don’t make a noise, look at the rules.” Master Bao motioned them to stop. .

The detailed rules for the second round were given on the TV screen, and then. Oscar said: “The first round is over. Judging from the current situation, the eight screens are one step ahead. I want to play next, and soft drinks are temporarily last. After the second round of the duel. How will the rankings 南京桑拿会所 turn around? What about the changes

in the game ?” Oscar said, striding to the front of Feng Bujue: “No, if I tell you now, the form of the second round of the duel may be very beneficial to you, do you believe it?”

“At this moment you The expression on his face is as if he just walked out of the MLM venue So my initial reasoning is The content of the second round of the duel


.” Xiao Ling said the second half of his teammate’s sentence.

Of course, the two of them are relatively euphemistic, and if the mouth is king, they directly said: “What is’suspicious’ is obviously’disgusting’ even if it is placed in front of me like this, it is almost vomiting.” The

mouth is king. The 南京桑拿按摩网 evaluation is quite pertinent. This bowl of soup cooked by Oynk is dark, gray and greasy, and the smell is indescribably unpleasant. It is considered polite to say that it is a dark dish. If you have to make an analogy, it is to boil a pot of pure excrement and urine. I am afraid that it will be disgusting. But so.

“Humph” Oynke didn’t care about their reaction, he smiled 南京夜生活spa论坛 and said, “You don’t want to drink it.”

“Really?” Innocent sigh immediately asked with bright eyes.

“Really.” Oynk’s answer was succinct, “However, it doesn’t mean that you can leave if you don’t drink the soup.” It

can be heard by individuals. There is a plot branch here. To a large extent will determine the next development.

At the moment when the players were considering this, suddenly


accompanied by 南京龙凤论坛 the sound of a wooden shaft rolling, the kitchen door was actually opened from the outside. Then, a figure appeared at the door.


This swear word obviously didn’t come from any player’s mouth, because they would be blocked by the system when they used this kind of interjection.

Therefore, it was Oynke who said these two words.

“Yeah~ It’s been a long time.” Feng Bujue smiled and looked at Brother Zhutou, and walked briskly to the table where the other three people were.

“Why are you kid here?” The tone of Oyink and Jue’s speech is obviously different, in short, they are very familiar.

“Well, hehe,” Feng Bujue said, and walked to the table, “It’s hard to say a word.” “Before he finished speaking, he just picked up the bowl of soup in front of the king, “Let me take a drink and 南京桑拿会所网 tell you slowly.”

“Fuck?” This time, the king was in his heart. Such a sentence came out.

Although Xiaofei has heard


ing, can often see such a scene-the guy in the team called Wing Tanzhi, every five minutes, cast his eyes on someone nearby. A living thing, this living thing may be an ant, a strange, or a passing npc; 南京夜生活论坛when the target is locked, Brother Wing will silently draw a cross on the palm of his hand, and he still muttered in his mouth: “Curse You”

Under this very surname-specific strategy, on the afternoon of May 18th, Xiao Tan raised his spiritual skills to level D, but it stopped there until the battle of Cocoon. At the beginning of the second round, he did not rise to C grade.

On the night of May 19th, Xiao Tan’s level had successfully reached 36, and he also acquired a new fighting skill through the script:

Name: Tooth-binding

skill, Surname: Active skill, after using it twice Disappearing

Skill type: Fighting

Effect: Send a huge tooth-like impact with the palm of the hand, binding the target to the nearest surface (cooling time is 30 seconds, the target needs to have an entity)

Consumption: Physical value 300

Learning condition: Fighting expert Jing c, this skill card cannot be traded after being picked up.

Remarks: The move derived from the ordinary beast spirit summoning technique was invented by the half-bear lord Roy Seker. From any point of view, Sekel is a magic genius. He is not only proficient in his own druid spells, but also has a lot of achievements in necromantic spells.南京桑拿会所网 He is a unique man who holds the two energies of nature and death at the same time.

In the past two days, Jue Ge deliberately let Xiao Tan and Bei Ling play together, because they are close in level and similar in strength, so the effect of team leveling is the best. If you blend in by yourself, the situation of the script will be unpredictable

From the results, the move is quite effective.

Finally, at one o’clock in the morning on May 20th, the second round of the Cocoon War came as scheduled.

The second round of the Battle of Cocoon will begin soon. Your data will be loaded in 30 seconds. Please


ge. .Our village is no longer a place isolated from the world. The outside world already 南京龙凤论坛 knows our existence.

Soon there will be other humans coming to visit us, they have the ability to pick all of us out of here. We can go to a place called The place of the “Second Earth” is the homeland of human beings today. There are clean air and water, blue oceans, mountains, rivers, forests and lakes, as well as real cities.

Diseases can be cured, so you don’t need to kneel. Pray; the weather is predictable, not the moody of the gods. Every child has the right and obligation to receive education, no one stipulates or forces you to believe in, wear, or doWomen don’t have to be sent before they get married Other people’s houses offer lust for them, and men don’t have to risk their lives to do things like scavengers.”

His voice became louder unknowingly, maybe because everyone became quieter.

“I can 南京龙凤网 understand your feelings at the moment. Like you, I am confused and timid about the future, and at the same time I am looking forward to it. But what I can be sure of is” Hank’s eyes were gratified and moved: ” …We are free.”

Chapter 147 The

script has been completed and the reward is being settled.

Obtained experience points: 8000, game currency: 80,000

Obtained items/equipment: anti-gravity catapult, hard disk 2455a1

Completed/accepted task: 1/1

special, hidden task completed: 2, cracked world view: none

The shock value surge: 0 times, the highest shock value: 0%, the average shock value: 0%

Your fear rating is full of guts, you can get an additional reward, please select later.

Obtained skill value: 320

skill value, bonus experience: 3200, game currency: 32000南京桑拿会所网

script clearance reward: 30% of the current level experience value.

Side mission reward: randomly draw a puzzle card.

Hidden mission reward: additional experience value of 20,000 points. The

settlement has been completed. please continue.

The Doomsday Assault was not defeated because of the exhaustion of supplements


by the Lord. God said that he needed a mercenary to walk the world for him.

She is his sword and his gun. She responded to the call of the Lord, so she started to take orders in the name of God and subsidized the church with the income from the killing.

‘Praise my lord! ‘

Then 江苏桑拿论坛 blasted the target’s head with one shot.

‘Amen! ‘

Then use a sickle to cut the target’s throat and bleed.

There are additional services for killing people. She will give the victims peace of mind by the way, praying that they will be tortured in hell.

Although she is not as legendary as the legendary demon “Death Knell”, in the mercenary business, she can kill from her debut at the age 南京龙凤论坛 of 16 until she retires safely at the age of 70, and she is enough to become an idol.

She doesn’t have any weapons or fighting skills, let alone tactics and strategies. Apart from a black nun’s robe and a string of rose beads, she doesn’t wear any armor, but has an extremely pious heart.

But she has never been injured, and the mission success rate is 100%.

Everyone wants to know the secret of her’skin care’, but her answer is to pray every night and God is guiding her.

No one can stop God’s will, and naturally no one can hurt her.

What she did was simply shooting or swinging a 南京龙凤网 knife from beginning to end, just to get rid of the head of the target who was in front of her.

People didn’t believe her at first, but no one could prove her wrong.

Many mercenaries fought against 南京桑拿会所网 her for various reasons, but in the end she was alive and those people died.

She retired because she received a new enlightenment-God wanted a bar to communicate with the mercenaries of the younger generation.

So Sister Margaret bought a ruined building with a little savings and dug up a lot of gold in the basement according to the instructions in 南京桑拿会所 the oracle.

After selling the gold, she used the God-given money to buy a large piece of land around her and flipped over a new bar.

Seeing that the money came so easily, everyone believed it this tim


, not as lively as when she was with the boss.

“Steve and Bucky have returned to the United States. I heard that they came after the Red Skull. Pim left S.H.I.E.L.D., and Ferry moved, just as you expected.”

After that, she took the initiative. I hung up the phone and looked busy.

Strangling put away the eldest brother, and Su Ming turned the scimitar into the appearance of a walking stick, propped his face on the ground, and thought, the red eyepiece flashed in the dark

Chapter 1289 The Supreme Wisdom

Was Su Ming Carol, who thought she was in a hypoxic coma, was not so simple at this time. Maybe there was a little hypoxia, but she could have held her breath for more than ten minutes, so she wouldn’t be in a coma so quickly.

Her body lost control because her mind was dragged into the virtual space by an existence.

It was a pure white world, everything seemed to exist in the light, what she wanted, something would change here.

Chairs, tables, beds, and even everything that is still in Hala can be imagined at this time.

To be precise, it is not entirely imaginary.

She wants a chair to sit down and think easily. This space is for her, but the chair is not earth-style wood, 南京桑拿会所网 with a small cushion for people to rest on it, no, it is Cree-style The metal chair is cold, with simple lines and no backrest.

Just like Kerry’s habit of creating things, it is simple and efficient, with only basic functions.

The Cree believe that rest is only used to replenish physical strength, and comfort does not need to be considered, it is unnecessary luxury.

Spending resources and time on luxury goods is irresponsible to race and a waste of life. Uncomfortable, able to keep the fighters in a state of being able to fight at all times, hardship is a powerful grindstone for strengthening oneself.

Carol knows what’s going on. This is not the first time that she has entered this pure white space. This is an electronic thinking space, formed by digital codes, where everything is both true and false.


It i


en if the opponent is attacked, there is no unpleasant meaning, and there is no hostility. Doesn’t it mean that it is indeed a usable ally?

Your own magic is not effective against this person, can Voldemort’s magic be effective?

Thinking about these joints, Dumbledore retracted the staff again with a smile. He snorted while holding the 南京桑拿会所网 teacup, and then smiled contentedly:

“Professor Wilson is really very professional. He is really a young talent. I am very quick. The letter of appointment will be delivered to you. After Professor Kinderban retires, you will take over as the professor of the magical animal protection class and manage the forbidden forest at the same time. Do you know the forbidden forest? That is”


“Please wait a minute, principal, I I don’t want to be a professor of 江苏桑拿论坛 the magical animal protection class. I hope Hogwarts can teach me a separate class.” Su Ming shook his head, expressing that he didn’t want to listen to Old Deng’s tirades.

“This is a bit difficult.” Dumbledore touched his long beard: “Hogwarts was established in 602 AD, and the course is now connected with the Mage Level Test of the Ministry of Magic. Another course is added, I’m afraid”

Su Ming He took out a soft drink and handed it to the old man as a meeting ceremony, and said with a smile, “Hogwarts courses are not many, after all, arithmetic and divination courses, Quidditch 南京桑拿夜网flight courses, and magical animal protection courses are similar. Isn’t it an elective course?”

“Oh? Did 南京夜生活spa论坛 you see the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts, too?” Dumbledore took the soda box, which he still knew.

“No, I hope the course I’m responsible for is called physical education.” Su Ming’s tone is very firm. He has a plan. After all, if you want to train young people, you have to make them jump out of the wizarding system of the original world.


Chapter 1611 The Savior’s Candidate

In the living room full of cat urine and tobacco smells, two people sat on the sofa face to face, the morning light outside the wi


generally used a weapon to pull a corpse that was too badly decomposed, and it would be done by pulling away the heroic spirit, and she would never touch it with her hands.

Jason can 南京桑拿会所网 actually do evil, is this the legendary king?

Su Ming immediately put on a touched expression. He walked to the old manager and enthusiastically shook hands with the old man: “The prince and wise corporal, full of benevolent demeanor, is indeed the blessing of the country and the people.” The

old housekeeper was caught with both hands. While watching the prince and the carrion who had escaped from his shackles hooked up their 江苏桑拿论坛 shoulders, he couldn’t help laughing and laughing: “Haha yes, yes.”

In fact, his heart was screaming, it’s too dirty! Will you get sick? !

He was dirty, but Jason didn’t dislike it. He had very close contact with these corpses, presumably treating them as living people with their own will.

Also, he shouldn’t have the concept of undead, or what the death knell said.

Slimy friendship probably means this is the time.

“Ahem, Your Majesty Jason, we should set off.” After several minutes, even Su Ming felt a little sick. He had to remind the prince that he would have an opportunity to get close to the dead, and now it’s time for the army to enter the city.

Gin is costly to maintain such a large-scale illusion, okay? The magic gems dug from Agamon’s hometown are used very quickly.


Jason in the moonlight returned to the group of people, with wisps of rotten flesh still hung on his body. He said with some regret: “These are the loyal citizens of the empire. They return to the world to serve me. I wanted to serve them.

I’ll give a speech.” “Oh, when the matter is over, it’s okay if you want to give them honors.” Su Ming’s mouth twitched. Isn’t Jason ruined by his own play?

“Yes, you are right, thank you, the death knell of the Supreme Master, you are our eternal benefactor of Spartacus.” The

prince’s eyes lit up 南京桑拿会所 and he listened seriously. These undead have no need to eat or drink and