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ted the murder after the wing breakthrough. When he passed the football to the center, Wu Lei followed up. The ball is high”
“Chongming had a good chance to counterattack again in the eighty-eighth minute. Yan Min took the pass from Wu Lei and dribbled the ball forward at high speed. However, 南京龙凤网 when he approached the Dortmund penalty area, he was shoveled to the ground by Dortmund central defender 南京夜生活论坛 Hornshu. This foul brought a yellow card for Hornshu and also caused Yan Min’s strong dissatisfaction. In the end, Dortmund defeated the Shanghai Chongming team 5:0, reaping their second victory during their visit to China.
” Neither Zhouyi nor Royce received the most attention in this game. Instead, the one who received the most attention was a young player who was not well known before the game. Yan Min, born in 1994, was repeatedly threatened after he came on the bench. Arriving at Dortmund’s goal has created many opportunities for Chongming. If it were not for his bad luck, Chongming should have scored at least three goals.”
“In a commercial game last night, Yan Min, a young player from our city, was in the game. His outstanding performance has robbed the limelight of world stars such as Zhouyi and Royce! His performance in the game is remarkable. His speed and delicate foot technique are his killer features. It is precisely by relying on these two weapons that he is on the bench. After the debut, Dortmund’s defense was upset.”
“After the game, Zhou Yi took the initiative to find Yan Min, and after a few exchanges with him, he took off his jersey, and the two exchanged jerseys. Zhou Yi took the initiative to find someone to exchange jerseys. This is the first time in China. I think this is also Zhou Yi’s encouragement to Yan Min who performed well.”
Unlike the previous game, the Chinese media also reported the game on a large scale after the game, but the protagonists of the report were all Dortmund and Zhouyi. But this time, the protagonist of the report has become Yan Min.
Yan M


a player with high finishing talent like Kobe adds the option of passing, then it is theoretically impossible for you to limit him.
In Su Feng’s previous life, Kobe didn’t know how to pass.
After all, he has given out 6000+ assists in his career, and even just looking at his passing highlights, you will think that he is simply Irvine Johnson II.
But being able to pass the ball, and actively passing the ball to organize an offense, are also two completely different concepts.
In the ok era, before the break, Kobe is the second master of the ideal form even more perfect than Pippen.
Can hit a higher crit than Pi Erye, can single-defend the opposite outside star, and even send a wonderful pass at a critical moment.
Any good vocabulary about the second master, you can pile up on Kobe at that time 南京桑拿论坛 as much as possible.
One thing to say is that at Kobe’s current growth rate, and after Duncan was traded away by the Celtics, Su Feng feels
bad. The Lakers will be able to break through from the West next season.
In the third quarter of the game, after the 76ers significantly reduced O’Neal’s sense of existence through a frenzied three-person double team, Kobe organized and dispatched many times to command his teammates to complete the score.
Although I want to compete with Su Feng in my heart, Kobe, who prefers to win, wants to win Su Feng once.
And the more I value and care about Su Feng in my heart, Kobe probably didn’t realize that
he is Kobe
now. He is now the best template for the male protagonist in the starting point basketball essay, OK?
On the Lakers VIP stand, Little Buss hugged his good friend’s logo man and smiled, “Man, you are amazing, I love Kobe to
death .” In order to avoid being said that gay is gay, West He broke free of the arms of Little Buss and said to him, “I plan to make a few trades in the middle of the season.”
“Really? Man, tell me, who is your prey this time?” Little Buss was curious. Asked.
“Glen Rice.”
West did not 南京夜生活论坛 hide behind Bass. In fact, this


ch sense. It needs 4:2.
There is not much time left for them.
Zhou Yi also knows that Real Madrid is very anxious, so at this time, it is necessary to do the opposite. The more opponents want to do, the less they can do it. Do what makes your opponent uncomfortable, 南京419论坛 then do.
So as long as he gets the ball, he will slowly deal with the football, or adopt the method of passing the ball back, using the pass to fully mobilize the Real Madrid players and let them run.
On the one hand, it consumes their physical energy. On the other hand, they hope to create some open spaces and opportunities in such a transfer. The third aspect is to make Real Madrid players feel anxious and lose their composure. The more impatient they are, the better for Dortmund.
Under such circumstances, boos against Zhouyi and Dortmund sounded over the Bernabéu Stadium. Real Madrid fans believed that Dortmund was deliberately delaying time, especially for Zhouyi. They believed that the culprit for Dortmund’s play was Zhouyi, and it was natural for Zhouyi to be the culprit. Half a good impression
Zhou Yi doesn’t care what the 南京桑拿论坛 visiting team fans think of him, he concentrates on playing his own ball.
He kept running from one point to another on the court, receiving the ball from the opponents, and then passing the ball out. This is actually very physically demanding, but Zhouyi shows no signs of being unable to run.
The game time passed by one minute and one second, the score was still not rewritten, it was still 2:2, and the two teams were tied.
“There is not much time left for Real Madrid!” He Ping was pleased to use a stalk that is almost a household name among Chinese fans.
The Chinese fans in front of the TV all laughed. Of course, the Real Madrid fans in China might not laugh.
In the 83rd minute, ten minutes before the end of the game, Zhou Yi received a ball from Sven Bender. He turned around while receiving the ball, and while turning around, he 南京品茶网 used the outside of the instep to dial out the football, and s


th his body.
“Damn! One more person! Can’t let him into the penalty area!” Abbiati yelled in front of the goal.
In front of Crewe, the penalty zone line is close at hand, and it is difficult to get in if you want to break in! In front of him, there are already two Milan players blocking. But he still intends to push hard.
A quick cross under his feet made Gattuso want to stretch his feet but did not dare to stretch his feet, and then suddenly knocked the football lightly under Gattuso’s crotch, and then, Crewe was about to jump around Gattuso. !
As long 南京桑拿论坛 as he can get around, he will be in the penalty area.
But the Milan defender Jankulowski next to Gattuso slammed Crewe and knocked him out! Crewe fell in the penalty area!
“Beep!” The whistle sounded again.
“Punish your mother shit!” This time it was the Milan fans’ turn to scold.
“Cru fell to the ground, Milan fouled! But is this place a penalty? Let’s take a look at the slow motion.” The slow motion shows that although the football is in the penalty area, Jankulovsky crashed in time. The foul location It’s outside the restricted area.
The referee did not point to the penalty spot, but stood at the foul spot and raised his arm. Indicate this is a free kick.
Basten was pacing nervously from the sidelines. Just now, Zhang Jun scored a 27-meter free kick, and now he gave the opponent an 18-meter free kick. 南京419论坛 According to Zhang Jun’s state, the ball is
“Wall! Wall! Go up to the seven-man platoon!” He shouted loudly from the sidelines.
Sure enough, Zhang Jun picked up the football again, then walked to the place designated by the referee and placed the football firmly on the ground.
“This is Fiorentina’s opportunity! Now the time has entered injury time! Can Zhang Jun use another free kick to kick Milan into hell? Let’s wait and see.”
But this free kick was not Zhang Jun’s penalty, because he put the football on the ground, it flashed to the top of the arc, and gave way to Xiang Tao, who retreated ten meters for t


s and acupuncture points on the inside of a person’s ankle. The inside of the ankle is the deltoid ligament, and there is the anterior fibular ligament between the inner ankle and the outer ankle. These ligaments, nerves, and 南京龙凤论坛 acupuncture points are the keys to a person’s ankle being able to move flexibly.” The doctor yesterday—he is the best sports injury specialist in this hospital—picked up an X-ray: “And According to the film, we can clearly see the partial tear of the deltoid ligament and the talofibular ligament on the inner side of the left ankle of the injured person.”
Unused to listen to the doctor’s slow, unfeeling statement, Chen Wei asked directly: “Can it be cured?”
doctor glanced at Chen Wei, and then continued: “Football Athletes have high requirements for ankle flexibility. Zhang Jun’s ankle ligament is partially torn. I think it is possible to heal it, but it is only possible. At the same time, it does not mean that Zhang Jun will be able to return to the state before the injury. The Iranian player kicked his feet accurately and hard, and 南京桑拿论坛 quickly, just when Zhang Jun jumped up, he stomped down. An upward force and a downward force interacted with each other, and the destructive force was amazing. Personally,” he stopped. , Looking at everyone.
Chen Wei waved his hand: “Go on.”
“I personally think that even if it is cured, it will seriously affect his ability. It can be said that he will face the situation of ending his football career early.” The
doctor’s tone is very calm, this kind of thing is for him who is used to seeing life and death. Not much to say. But in Chen Wei’s heart, he undoubtedly felt that the earth was shaking.
End your football career early? Isn’t this retirement? Are you kidding me? He is only twenty-two years old! Everything has just begun! Who has such power to issue such notices? Is he the vice chairman of the Football Association? Or this expert?
“Then if it is determined to be treated, what method should be used?” Chen Wei asked unwil