you in the pool water of this wind element.” The

old magician seemed a little bit too helpless, and continued to nag: “You wind The elemental seeds and the thunder elemental seeds are really rare. The thunder elemental seeds can be obtained by refining thunderbird 南京桑拿会所网 feathers through great alchemy, but what’s the matter with your wind elemental seeds, it is still perfectly integrated with your body?”

“Elfin “Mo Xiang whispered from the side: The

old magician waved his hands to me again and again, saying: “Well, you don’t need to explain, I don’t want to find out if the secrets of others are obtained from the King of Wind Snake, or the flying dragon. king?”

“Grandpa 南京桑拿夜网 Elfin” Mo Xiang


There is a magic laboratory in the corner of the self-healing demon creature exhibition hall. The Elfin Magister usually lives in this laboratory most of the time. He is studying some Species-related magic topics.

At the same time, he is also the real manager of this showroom.

In recent years, he has been studying the magic aimed at the demons. If it 南京夜生活spa论坛 were not for the rare elemental storm that appeared in the stone room where the fallen angel wings were placed, he would never have come out of that magic laboratory.

Because of this, when Mo Xiang took me into the exhibition hall, he did not disturb the Elfin Magister and went directly into the exhibition hall.

After the ancestors of the Mo family cut off the wings of the fallen angel on the battlefield, they 南京桑拿按摩网 used magic circles to seal the demon aura on the wings of the fallen angel. The wings of the fallen angel were placed in this stone room, just as Mo Xiang said. That way, in fact, it is for the young people of every generation of the Mo family to come here to experience some of the power of wind elements, which will more or less allow the young people of the Mo family to gain some insights about wind magic.

Mo Xiang led me into this stone room, and wanted me to feel some wind elemental power, but he didn’t expect that after I entered the stone room,