南京 不限次数场子

南京 不限次数场子

, obsidian crystals like small hills rise.

The outside smell is more layered than in the buildingLet’s put it this way, the inside of the building contains a concentrated, uniform, and strong stench. And outside the building, there are multiple, rich, and complex auras. Maybe you stand at a crossroads and face different directions, and you can smell several different smells sulfur, methane, gas, blood, Shit smell, etc

“If you are at a low level, just being in this environment, your survival value will have begun to fade” Feng Bujuenian said, “Ah I kind of miss the gas mask. ”

However, it was outdoors at any rate. In terms of concentration, it was slightly better than indoors. At least Feng Bujue didn’t have to cover his nose with his hands all the time.

“WellWhere should I go” Feng Bujue was watching from side to side, thinking, suddenlyin the

lost city, there was no way to avoid a life-pressing battle.

The whispers of the monster beast revealed waves of fierce intent, which could not be covered.

Two sentences in Hokkien were suddenly inserted, and it sounded in Brother Jue’s ear.

It’s not just him, everyone who is paying attention to the 南京桑拿楼凤网 crazy audience at this time has also heard it.

That’s right the commentary for this finals is the eloquence of thunderbolt style that comes with the system. Every battle takes place, there will be corresponding narrations, and the audience watching the game can also see the subtitles

“Huh?” Feng Bujue was stunned for a second, “Is it possible not to be in the world of Perak? “After the heads-up match between him and Kuangzong Jianying, he had never encountered the script of Thunderbolt World, nor had he heard this kind of commentary in other scripts. I didn’t expect to hear it again here.

“Well Since the narrator said so, it proves that the matter is “in progress”.” Feng Bujue reacted quickly, and he immediately became alert.

Indeed, there were three monsters active nearby, and the existence of Brother Jue 南京桑拿会所 had been discovered at this moment. A