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. In fact, if you want to escape, there is still plenty of time.

Peter’s Midtown High School is considered to be a better school. Although it is only a public college, the principal is really good. After being warned, the students were given a vacation. After all, they only lost one day at most. You can make up classes at that time.

But Peter and the five girls who were freed did not go home the first time. They are American high school students.

Several 南京桑拿会所 people took the opportunity to go to the street, looking for someone to secretly set up their uniforms.

In an inconspicuous corner of Queens, there is a tailor shop. The manager is a very glamorous big beauty, like a retired supermodel, who takes 南京桑拿按摩网 on all kinds of custom uniforms as long as he pays.

Factors such as fabrics, color matching, special effects, etc. can be selected by themselves, and are almost immediately desirable, and at the same time, they can be kept strictly confidential.

This is Gwen overheard from her father, because many of the villains or righteous police who have been caught have confessed the clothes that were made here, but the store is strictly a legitimate tailoring business. And there are some mysterious backgrounds, and the police can’t do anything about it.

Now that everyone has gained superpowers, Gwen remembered this place, as the daughter of the police chief, secretly brought his friends 南京夜生活论坛 here to make uniforms.

Unfortunately, the money needed to make a good set of tights far exceeds their imagination. Girls 南京桑拿会所网 used to know that Wilson’s fashion is expensive, but they don’t know that things in the superhero circle are more expensive.

Ordinary fabrics are not valuable. If you want to make uniforms, you will charge a manual fee, and let the apprentices in the store tailor and sew them, and make them look like faded autumn clothes and long trousers.

But at any rate, there is a face mask, and you can go out to do things 江苏桑拿论坛 when you put it on. Many people who play tickets will choose this kind of package.

Of cou


ngli said to the mermaid maid.

The mermaid maid was leading the way. After hearing Yingli’s praise, she looked very happy. She covered her face with her hands a little bit shyly and said: “Ah! Really? There are not many Ghana people who speak the Imperial language in the palace. I don’t know whether these pronunciations are accurate or not.”

In fact, I have never noticed that her imperial language is not standard. My eyes always fall on her slender waist unconsciously.

The first feeling of entering the cave was very cold, and I subconsciously reached out and tightened the collar of the magic robe.

I found that the walls of the cave were actually covered with ice rocks. I stretched out my hand and rubbed the ice rocks, wanting not to knock them down and put 南京桑拿夜网 them in my magic pocket without being noticed.

When I participated in the Salon of Water Magicians in the Imperial Capital, I was fortunate to see ice rock. This is a kind of ore with very rare ice properties in the world. This kind of rock itself can emit cold air because it is deeply buried in the ground and is The Green Empire is extremely rare in number and is a very rare rock.

Only the ice magician knows its existence, and its only function is to make water freeze.

If this kind of ice rock is used improperly, the cold air in the ice rock will easily volatilize, and then this kind of ice rock will become the most common limestone. Only some ice magicians can get more for meditation. Ice magic elements are used to make some magic tools from ice rock.

But this thing is of no use to me, I have been 南京龙凤网 promoted very quickly, and I have not considered these magical artifacts to assist meditation for the time being.

Had it not been for the Shawn Scholar to remind me to pay more attention to this kind of ice rock, I even regarded the fist-sized ice rock in the hand of the ice magician as an ordinary rock.

After entering this cave, a thin layer of hoarfrost condensed on the stone wall near the 南京桑拿楼凤网 entrance.

At first glance, I thought t


can put a lamp of this kind in the bedroom, it will probably bring a

little warmth to the room on a cold winter day.” Her clear eyes reflected Looking at the reflection of the copper lamp.

I felt that she had no intention of paying the money. When she looked at the Yerkes Scholar, the confidence and glamour in her eyes appeared, like the spider queen gazing at the object on the spider web.

Just when I was worried that the scholars of Yerkes would become the objects of Lady Maggie’s net, many magic merchants and noble lords gathered around the scholars of Yerkes. They were because the scholars of Yerkes stood here to explain the magic lamp, only one One came here.

A magic merchant in the crowd asked scholar Yakis: “Scholar Yakis, since you said that your magic lamp is also a magic rune board, where is its gem base set? I want to know how to replace the magic crystal. Is the stone fragment convenient? In addition, I also want to know how much mana is consumed by this lamp, and how long a piece of magic spar

will keep it bright?” The Yerkis scholar saw that someone asked him a question, so he put the glass Stepping aside, he explained patiently: “In fact, it is a very energy-saving magic lamp. It only needs a trace of magic power to light up the rune board, and then the magic rune board of the wick will automatically 南京龙凤论坛 draw a little magic power from the surrounding air and continue. Glow, because it consumes too low

mana , so this lamp does not need any magic spar fragments.” The surrounding magic merchants immediately exclaimed: “Ah! There is no need to consume magic spar charms. board?”

The Yerkes scholar quickly corrected their statement and said to them: “Please note that this lamp does not consume magic power, but 南京夜生活spa论坛 it consumes very little magic power.”

The magic merchant who asked the question at the beginning asked again: “Then how long does it take to extinguish and replenish the magic power?” The

magic merchant’s rhythm of questioning was so well mastered that Ms. Maggie could n


cause trouble here, not to mention that this will involve a magic apprentice from the Magic Academy. In recent years, the status of the Ayr City Academy of Magic has been continuously improving. The magicians of the magic academy seem to have formed a family of their own. They have become a unique small group in the aristocratic circle of Ayr. This group has become very cohesive under the leadership of Lord Godfrey.

No one dares to underestimate the magicians in El City. Even the Hellhound appeared in El City this time. The commander of the guard camp had to ask Dean Goldfrey of the Magic Academy for help, asking him to send some powerful magic. Division, 南京夜生活论坛 the knights who helped guard the camp, clear away the heretics in the city.

A stronghold of the Black Magic Priory appeared on the back mountain of the Temple of Mount Antiya, which has stained the security issue of the entire city of El. At this time, if it 南京桑拿楼凤网 were not for the magicians of the Magic Academy to stand up, maybe The whole city will fall into greater panic. These are some of the recent contributions made by magicians to Ayr City.

The underground black boxing match, which had been planned for nearly half a month, ended in such an embarrassing manner, and Claude’s face became extremely ugly, like the haze of mist in the early autumn morning. He silently glanced at the scraps of paper and broken glass all over the floor, making people think that there had been a large-scale fighting here. Even the glass wine glasses hanging on the bar counter were all smashed, and the broken pieces were scattered. On the ground, 南京桑拿会所 let it show depression, under the candlelight, shone with crystal light.

Because of my magic scrolls, it became extremely cold here, like an underground ice room.

Only the three broken corpses remained in 南京夜生活spa论坛 the empty iron cage. Hamasaki, who was torn into two pieces by the angry tauren Luca, was covered with frost. She still had her eyes open until this moment, staring in disbelief. Into the empty distance. Breguet was stabbe


gh the dense reeds, and stopped me again. At this time, the smile on her face was gone, she seemed to have a trace of sorrow. The lightning did not cause any damage to her, I don’t know how she escaped such an instant magic attack. I barely grinned and asked her:. “! How could you chase me, I do not say I do not want to go back, but I will use magic if you catching me, I really polite to you,”

she He curled his lips and ignored me, just reached out and pulled a rope from his waist. This hemp rope looked very familiar, after a moment. I just thought of this kind of hemp rope. I have seen it on barbarians. It should be made of a kind of hay with very good flexibility. This kind of rope was specially prepared by barbarians to catch human slaves. With the strength of ordinary people, it is impossible to break free when tied up by this kind of rope.

I bit my lower lip lightly and stepped back a little bit, holding a slingshot in my hand, slowly pulling apart the rubber band.

It’s a pity that my silver-plated gun was lost at Baipuya. Later, I tried to use bows and arrows, but I didn’t have the talent for archery at all. No matter how I practiced, 南京桑拿夜网 I didn’t have any accuracy, and then I gave up slowly. . Even Liont comforted me: I can’t shoot arrows, it’s not shameful, as long as you practice swordsmanship with me, maybe in the future, I will give you a real dwarf artificial exquisite gun when you graduate! It’s a pity that I haven’t got his gun yet. Lion said that I’m too young and the gun is something after graduation.

Pointing at the woman chasing me with a slingshot, it seemed to her to be a little tricky, like a fight between two children. This kind of toy in the hands of children usually has no power at all. Slingshot It is only used for hunting small birds. For slightly larger birds, the slingshot does not seem to have any power. Sometimes, older children prefer to hold the bow and arrow bird.

When she saw that I took out the slingshot, she solemnly warned 南京桑拿按摩网 her, she didn’t care at all, a


des of my body were like a mouthful of extremely subtle mana spring water, and the purest magical power began to grow from it.

That kind of feeling is like the wonderful taste of the first nectar of the earth in a long drought.

Breguet was about to break through the layers of ice 南京桑拿会所 fog. At this moment, with the last bit of magic power, I barely overwhelmed the ice wall in front of me and Luca, and the entire iron cage that shook the ice wall once again. Shaking, Luca’s face became a little pale, he looked at me with admiration and didn’t know what to say.

Seeing my gaze looking forward, he just smiled honestly at me and took a big step forward without hesitation, blocking 南京龙凤论坛 his body in front of me.

If Breguet could rush over, he would be the first person to face Breguet!

For this simple and honest tauren, I suddenly felt that we had known each other for a long time.

Breguet did not use his brute force to break the ice wall like a bull, but saw the ice wall in front of him, precisely controlling his body to stop, and separated by a thick On the ice wall, he raised the short xuan axe with 南京桑拿会所网 one hand, jumped up with one leg and slashed hard on the ice wall.

The heavy splitting

just made countless cracks on the surface of the ice wall that was frozen into a crystal with a simple axe. The sense of crisis is getting closer and closer to Luca and me.

In my hand, I still held a thorn tree vine seed tightly in the end. It was almost my last resort. If it still 南京桑拿按摩网 doesn’t work, I will use the last little time to escape with the cloak of shadow. There is no reason to My life was left in the underground black boxing arena, and I looked a little nervously at Breguet opposite the ice wall. The countless cracks on the ice wall, like countless small mirrors, reflected Breguet’s cold. Face.

Seeing his cruel and cold smile, there was a trace of purple blood flowing out of the corner of his eyes, probably because the injury in his abdomen had not healed, so he did such violent exercise, so that the hidden i


d Da Yiwan looked at each other, smiled and asked the last question, “500,000 US dollars, for two visitors to the Jurgen collection. How about the tickets?”

Martina was surprised at 南京楼凤论坛 first, then smiled on her face, “Of course it’s okay. If you can kill Orika’s brother by the way during the transaction, everything in this room can be taken away. Just don’t make too much noise to interfere with my rest.”

“Kill her brother?”

“That’s a lunatic who was really brainwashed by Jurgen.” Before Martina’s voice, the person had disappeared at the stairs.

“Why do they go around such a big circle?”

Big Ivan’s face was full of puzzled. “No matter she or Jurgen, you can contact us directly. Why do you want to bring Alfonso with you?”

“If not Alfonso, do you think we need to exchange Orika with them?” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix asked in a low voice, changing to Chinese, “Is it all recorded?”

“I have been driving since I got off the car.” Da Yiwan remained silent. He patted his 南京桑拿论坛 pocket, “Where do we start looking?”

“It’s the same from where” Nanjing Longfeng said, and went straight to the room where Jurgen’s body was parked.

Chapter 176

From more than two o’clock in the middle of the night until dawn, the brothers had tossed around in Jurgen’s house for several hours but couldn’t find any valuable clues.

“This place must have been cleaned by professional people.” Big Ivan took off his rubber gloves and complained.

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix nodded perfunctorily, but the whole person’s attention was placed on the red copper globe on Jurgen’s desk that was only the size of a watermelon.

There is no national boundary on this globe. Instead, reliefs are used to outline the characteristics of various geological and landforms such as the Himalayas and the Great Rift Valley. In the ocean area, scattered sea snakes, mermaids, sailing ships and even octopus reliefs larger than sailing ships make this globe full of mystery.

In the eyes of Nanjing Longfeng, when he just put his hand on the globe just


rious medical equipment that have been eliminated in this warehouse, and the thick dust on it obviously has been left for a while, but when they arrived, the dozens of slow porters The cleaning of debris has not been completed.

“Sorry, this place has not been cleaned for 南京桑拿网 a long time. Would you like to have a cup of coffee in front?” the middle-aged woman in charge of the reception said apologetically in Russian.

The Ukrainian’s work efficiency is really not that high. The buyers are so slow when they arrive. If the brothers find a place to drink coffee, it is estimated that they will have to wait a week before they want to see the naval gun.

“No, we’ll just wait here.”

Big Ivan shook his head and refused, then took out a hundred-dollar bill, “My friends, how about cleaning up in half an hour? As long as you can do it, 100 dollars, please have a drink. . ” ”

If you go back, then we’ll wait for the next move in the garbage again. “said a tall ruffian ruffian in the burly workers.

“No problem!”

Before Big Iwan’s words came to an end, the sloppy group of 南京桑拿楼凤网 porters immediately accelerated, and even the table that had originally required two people to lift was picked up and ran out. After all, 100 dollars is not a small sum for them.

“Ivan, how big is the difference between Ukrainian and Russian?”

Nanjing Longfeng saw that both the worker and the female receptionist used Russian to communicate, making him think for a while that there was not much difference 南京桑拿夜网 between the two languages.

“The difference is not too big, but it is difficult to communicate directly. Ukrainian speakers may barely understand Russian, but those who only speak Russian want to understand Ukrainian, but it is very troublesome.”

Big Ivan paused and continued, “Eastern Ukraine And some areas bordering Russia account for at least half of the people who speak Russian. Only in areas close to Belarus, Poland, and the central area, Ukrainian is the mainstream.”

It seems that I am afraid that Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix sti

梧桐客栈 南京 spa

an met Gehr more than once. And the last time was five years ago, at Furman’s funeral, and soon there was a night of blood and fire.

So even if Ivan was still very young, Gehr didn’t stay for long each time, but Ivan still had an impression of Uncle Gehr, who brought him gifts every time.

Although the impression of the gift was far deeper than that of him, what could Ivan, who had not awakened the memory of his previous life at the time, be a real child?

In Geer’s expectant gaze, Ivan finally connected the inexplicable sense of familiarity, and slowly spit out the words he expected to hear: “Uncle Geer!”

“Pop!” Geer was excited to high-five and almost jumped up happily. .

“Wait a minute, you tell me, are the star-shaped black spots on Katie’s body on the left butt, or on the right butt?”

Aiwen, who is a little confused now, is a little confused, and he deliberately chose one to join the army. In his life path, he happened to join the third fleet closest to his home. After the recruits were trained, they were assigned personnel, and they happened to be placed on 南京桑拿夜网 the battleship of his father’s old friend?

Surrounded by the mysterious cobwebs called Destiny, Ivan subconsciously wanted to struggle again.

Unexpectedly, Geer rushed directly to him, a pair of powerful arms hugged him fiercely, patted his shoulder hard, and said amusedly: “Katie is a pure black little mare, your birthday Gifts, the black starfish-like spots may be on its cute little forehead.”


“Welcome home! Little Irwin!”

When two people sat face to face at the table in the captain’s room, the table was gradually filled with Geert. Ivan’s head was still a little dizzy when he ordered the sailor to go to the various delicacies packed on the shore.

The last time I dine in the captain’s room was with Captain Joseph on the Yellow Hut, but this time Ivan was far from being free and easy and detached. It may be due to a sudden change, it may be due to the relationship between the upper and lower levels of both parties, and