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-year seniors and senior sisters: “The Academic Affairs Office of the college arranged for me to attend the meeting for all senior seniors. In the next class, I will introduce this special water magic charm to you in detail. Good afternoon, seniors and sisters. I am a magic student in the second grade of the fire department in the college. My name is Ji Jia!”

After listening to my 南京夜生活spa论坛 self-introduction, the classroom exploded.

The seniors in the classroom whispered to each other, and the seniors were also whispering, and everyone didn’t want to believe this fact.

“Damn, isn’t this the kid who defeated Senior William on the top of the teaching building?” A senior’s voice came from the noisy discussion.

“It’s really him!” someone immediately echoed.

“I heard that he is 南京桑拿会所网 from the north.” Then someone in class introduced me to the surrounding students.

Some people in the know told me about my emotional life: “What’s this? He also married Teacher Qige and His Royal Highness Yingli, the princess of Hayes, as a first-year magic student. How did he come to teach us? ”

Someone began to question me: “What can he teach us?”

Just when the classroom was in chaos, the 南京龙凤论坛 back door of the classroom was quietly pushed open, and a few people walked in quietly to teach us. The teacher, the Shawn Scholar and the Deputy Dean Hastings were also among the group. The magic student sitting in the back row couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Your Vice Dean, Shawn Scholar”

everyone in the classroom turned back to Looking at the door of the back door, the classroom suddenly became silent. One of the 南京桑拿按摩网 seniors in the gorgeous magic robe stood up from the seat, with a hint of anxiety, and asked the magicians who came in the back door: “Constan Teacher Ding, Teacher Alpert, Teacher Aitley, you guys”

Under the leadership of Deputy Dean Hastings, these magic teachers sat in the empty seats in the back of the classroom in an orderly manner. One of the magic teachers raised a finger and whispered to the magic 南京桑拿会所 students in the clas


hese warriors carry a can of corpse fire oil on their 南京桑拿楼凤网 backs and connect a rubber tube to the flamethrower. , Their movements are concise and effective. This is not an effect that can be achieved through long-term training. This kind of super psychological quality that is not affected by external factors on the battlefield requires countless battles to temper its toughness. Will fight.

I saw that these orc warriors were all experienced battles, but before they were more confronted with goblins in underground caves.

These beast women warriors also have an oil pressure device in their hands. They quickly use the oil pressure device to inject the corpse fire oil in the oil tank into the flamethrower, and when they are ready, they take the flamethrower to the front The orc warrior signaled: Ready!

At the same time, a large group of giant spiders emerged from the spider camp. The spiderman warriors were mixed among the giant spiders. They stepped over the pile of corpses erected in front of the spider camp, and rushed towards the barbarian slave. The barbarian hand The giant crossbow arrows here still maintain a certain rhythm, shooting at the giant spiders, but at this slow frequency and rate of fire, although each giant crossbow arrow can penetrate 南京龙凤论坛 the bodies of several giant spiders, Because the number of these giant spiders is too large, they can’t stop the attack of the Nebula.

The spiderman warriors hide in these giant spider swarms and are therefore well protected. Once this group of Nibru spiderman rushes up, our front is very likely to be swallowed by these giant spiders in an instant.

Seeing the densely packed giant spiders in front of her, Yingli’s face looked a little pale. The two girls Helena and Becky guarded her closely, and their faces were the same as Yingli’s. They had never experienced such a terrifying battle scene.

Seeing more than a hundred orc warriors sitting on horsebacks in the dense forest, Earl Ryze took a deep breath and watched with patience and watched how I woul


suddenly fell one after another, and a spider man warlord about four stories tall stood up from the spider camp, holding six butchers in his hand. The axe roared angrily at the Yalong in the sky.

The black worm armor on the body of the Spiderman Warlord looks particularly dark. This is a bit different from the spiderman Warlords I have seen before. He actually has six arms on his upper body, from the shoulders to the ribs, and the arms are tight. Holding six axes tightly, when roaring, almost 南京桑拿会所 formed a strong sound wave.

This spiderman warlord is much stronger than the warlords we have seen before. His huge abdomen, which is like a two-story villa, is covered with light brown markings, and his body is supported by eight strong spider legs. Appeared in our field of vision, as if the great demon came out of the flames of hell.

A black butcher’s axe that was 南京桑拿夜网 more than two meters long was like a tornado, whirling out from the hand of the spider man warlord, drawing a strange arc in the sky and flying towards the Yalong in the air.

Ledie was aware of the dangerous aura, and immediately asked Yelong to adjust his flying posture, desperately flapping the dragon’s wings to climb high, the butcher’s axe dart past Yalong’s feet, if it wasn’t for Yalong’s larger size, he would fly The tornado brought up by the axe 南京桑拿按摩网 can even involve Yalong.

At this time, Le Die finally realized that even if she was in the sky, she was not absolutely safe. She was so frightened that she dared not make any extra moves, and rode Yalong towards the nearest Zhushan hurriedly.

Seeing the figure of Yalong going away, the Spiderman Warlord let out a roar again, his body was like a steam train breaking 南京夜生活论坛 through layers of dense forest, chasing it in the direction of Zhushan, and a group of Spiderman warriors followed the Spiderman closely. Behind the warlord, it was like a black charcoal pen drawing a thick black line on a pure green cardboard.

I don’t know how long this spiderman warlord hasn’t eaten dragon meat. Seeing th


understand what he said, so I halted for a long time before saying: “Yekis scholar, otherwise I will give you Draw it again?”

“Are you sure you can still make it?” Yerkes’ mouth turned into an O shape.

He thought it was just something I did accidentally, so he was so anxious to find out the cause immediately, worried that after too long a delay, some small details 南京龙凤网 would slowly be lost. So he wanted to strike while the iron was hot and find the key trick.

He said happily: “Okay, let’s draw another one!”

So we immediately made some preparations. The first thing to do was to prepare the expired moonlight ink. The remaining ink in the glass bottle had exploded again, even the bottle. The residue was not found. If I hadn’t avoided it in time, 南京龙凤论坛I’m afraid I would have lost the lottery at this time, but the Yerkes scholar seemed to have some kind of shield on his body, and he was safe in such an explosion.

As for how to find effective moonlight ink, it is easy to handle. Open a bottle of normal moonlight ink and place it in the air. After an hour, the Ning Shenhua juice in this bottle of ink has completely evaporated, and the ink is 南京桑拿楼凤网 on the verge of frequent failure. All we have to pay is some time. I and Yerkes scholars are willing to wait for this.

The incomplete magic parchment, according to the idea of ??the scholars of Yerkes, is to turn out a complete parchment in the cabinet, and then directly cut out a piece of parchment according to the outline of the parchment I made of the magic scroll. . But his approach was prevented by me. I picked and picked from a 南京夜生活spa论坛 pile of discarded magic parchments for a long time before I found out a piece of parchment that was barely comparable to the one just now. It was burnt at one corner. Paste, but the total area does not affect the drawing of the magic pattern, which is placed on the test bench.

The magic pen that broke in the explosion just now can only be discarded and replaced with a brand new one.


At first, Yerkes was a little surprised when he saw t


rette. Open it directly, take a pack and put it in his pocket.

“Why didn’t you go?”

Nanjing Longfeng asked curiously. The sister his second uncle said was the one in his own family, but the only daughter of their old couple, but this sister was married far away, almost in the south of the motherland. .

Not to mention usually, even if they come back in the New Year, they are rushing around, but the old couple ran over there every other way and stayed for a week or two before returning.

“What am I going to do?”

“The 南京夜网 broken place is warm, but it won’t be wet until the Chinese New Year. I can’t stand their south windy days. Besides, it hasn’t been a few days since I watched the Chinese New Year. I guess they should also be in these two days.”

The second uncle led Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix into the house, but before he finished speaking, he found that Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix’s attention had all gone to the TV that he had just forgotten 南京夜网论坛 to turn off: “Recently, Russia and Italy have returned a batch of losses to China. Overseas precious cultural relics, including ”

Chapter 130 Lao Hu’s Quotation”

From the beginning of the screaming of the first New Year pig in Shijiatun whose neck was wiped with a knife, the whole village was immersed in the atmosphere of the New Year.

The young people who came back from working 南京桑拿论坛 outside the area gradually filled the big tukang of every household with their daughters-in-law, children and gifts, and the new generation of Shijiatun dolls with accents from all over the country were chasing chickens and dogs. .

For these children, perhaps the concept of hometown is just a rare “family trip” once a year.

The only difference between these children who grew up in a foreign land and the children 江苏桑拿论坛 who stayed behind in their hometown is that the former started wandering at a premature age, while the latter lacked parental care at the age when they were most needed.

But compared to these young bean sprouts who don’t know how to feel sad, the situation of tho


















スネイプ氏にとって、ラウンドあたりのアクションポイントが1減少するだけでなく、ラウンドあたりのライフ減少ポイントも1増加するのは当然のことです。このように、それは蓄積し続け、彼のライフバリューは非常に南京夜生活spa论坛高くなります。 。それは危険ですが、彼が今まで生き残ることができるのは奇跡的なことです。

















ソン?インは「どのポスト?あなたは私が洛秋に戻ると言った。 「それはあなたのそばにありますか?」


ソン?インは首を横に振った後、突然手を伸ばして顔を赤らめ、じっと見つめた。「正直言って、おじいちゃんを拒絶してみませんか。望まないのなら、おじいちゃんも。 、それを強制ためだろうではないだろう何?「










このとき、4人の船長の中で唯一の女性船長が土の斜面の上を踏んだ。 m16aを手に、長い脚で休んで、目を細めた。





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もちろん避けられますが、ダオマスターが世界にいたとき、「Too CanRun」というニックネームは無意味だと思っていましたか?

しかし、Taiyinziを驚かせたのは、この時点でWang Huのパワーが実際に大幅に増加したことですが、比較的、速度はかなり遅いように見えました。




「Go!Domineering !!」

「BrotherWanghu 、私の骨の折れる努力に気づきませんか!他人を利用して、私があなたを復讐攻撃として殴ったと思いますか?あなたはそう考えるのは本当に間違っています!あなたですか?怒りに満ちた時だけ爆発する真実を知らないのか!あなたの可能性南京桑拿论坛を刺激するために、私は邪悪な人になりたいと思っています!ほら、あなたは今問題を抱えています!王胡兄弟、あなたはできますかあなたを連れ去りますか?拳!あなたは復讐の復讐をしている!私が本当に悲痛なことを知っていますか!!」








た!」ロング?シルオは羅秋を激しく睨みつけた。「死んだ日は忘れないが、本当に商品として売りたいのなら、悪意を持って男が買った。 」

「それがゲストの仕事です。」羅秋は無関心に言った。「心が善か悪かなら、訪問者はゲストです。ゲストがそれを欲し、それを買うことができる限り、私たちは自然に両手でそれを提供します。 。」






「ロングさん、あなたはあなた自身の魂を持つことができます、そしてあなたの中に本当のドラゴンの力もそうすることができます。」羅秋はさりげなく引用しました: -9つの邪悪な魂のアザラシも

大丈夫です。」「Truitmerchant !!」LongXiruoは別の厳しい南京桑拿夜网表情を見せました。