n his hand, and put it into a ball into the mantis’s mouth. It was quiet now: “Tell me, put your girl’s socks into his mouth. , It feels like giving out benefits. You see that he looks so wretched, what if he smells

bad ?” “” Diana showed a blind eye and said that she didn’t know what the death knell was talking about, but her blushing face was betrayed. she was.

Halle smiled, and she pointed to the death knell’s face: “Then you still maintain the appearance of a praying mantis.南京桑拿按摩网 ”

“Tactical needs. After the steel frame comes, I will entangle him, and Diana will surprise him from behind. His head was cut off.” Su Ming didn’t change his face, but just bypassed this topic and continued to arrange the task.

At this time, Bobo put the glowing link helmet back on Mantis’s head, stepped back and wiped his sweat: “It should be okay, he was connected to the Internet, and Brignac’s heart control program began to spread. If all the mantis people surfing the Internet at this time are wearing this iron hat, the heart control program can spread in the virtual world even without a chip.”

“These people themselves are encoded, then the dormant warehouse and the network address should Similarly, no matter where Steel Bone is in the ghost zone, it will be aware of the existence of a virus in the alien box network.”

Su Ming nodded, now is to wait a few minutes, waiting for the failure of the Steel Bone Network antivirus attempt.

He will inevitably fail. Even though Darkside’s technical level is higher than Blagnac, as an AI, Blagnac’s self-replication and spread of programs are just like instincts. Apocalypse technology can stop 南京龙凤论坛Blaney. Yake’s invasion was unable to drive him out of the network.

Otherwise, Daxide had destroyed Blagnac before, and how could he endure it until now? In the previous universe, the two sides always maintained a balance of power, not without reason.

Now the upgraded steel frame can only isolate viruses at most, turn the network of this block into a local area network, and the